Medals at Buckingham Palace

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 1stgulfmac, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. Got an invite to Garden Party. Dress reg on invite said medals not to be worn. I have tried to find out why, any of you lot know why not? Service dress is being worn with Sam Browne etc.
  2. It upsets the Corgis.
  3. Garden party is non-ceremonial hence no bling.
  4. i believe its the norm! i was at a different event, it states "sam brown may be warn according to regimental customs."
    "the insignia of Orders, Decorations and Medals should not be worn. Ribbons of Orders, Decorations and Medals are to be worn"

    was never told the reasons surrounding it though
  5. Big Liz has said no gongs, and you're questioning her motives?!?!? ;)
  6. Bravo_Bravo has an invite also, and she doesn't want him to feel left out?
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  7. Shouldn't laugh but........... :lol:
  8. Hope that you have a great day; i have been lucky enough to have been twice :)

    No gongs as most serving lads now have more that HRH Prince Philip!
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    One of the reasons I've heard - which is barking enough to actually be true - is that no medals are worn because the big fuck-off pin on the back of them could be used for other than its intended purpose. Size of offensive weapon is proportional to your operational experience.

    So Bravo Bravo isn't a threat at all, really.

  10. Am sure BB has at least 2 clinkers.
  11. All having a QGJM and VRSM proves is that you've been in for ages and done fuck all.
  12. How many squaddies are usually invited each year? I've been invited too, safety in numbers and all that. ;)
  13. Who said anything about medals, I could of course have been referring to his manhood.
  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Invites are spread across all 3 services, obviously. Expect to see around 100 or so blokes kicking about in No 2's, with a couple of occasional 2* and 3*/s mincing about. It's mainly aimed towards Seniors and Officers, but also to Juniors who have made "a significant contribution", I certainly saw a few Inf privates and Marines sporting gallantry ribbons when I went.

    Be prepared however, for the onslaught of civvies trying to outdo each other as to why they actually got invited. Whilst nipping in to the tea tent for another top-up of free cake, a self-important bint turned round to me and my mate (also serving) and asked "So, what did you do to be invited here?"

    We looked at each other, at each others medal ribbons (both in No2's), and back at her. The reply came from my mate: "Well, This really. This is our bosses back garden."

    Her expression changed as reality sunk in. She then obviously waited for us to ask what she had done to be invited. She waited a while.

    I eventually broke the deadlock.

    "Excuse me love. You're in the way of the sandwiches."
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  15. That can't be correct; she was in the ATS in the last big one so she must at least have picked up the Defence Medal.