Medals and lack of them on our politicians

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ticklishrodent, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. Having watched the Remeberence at thae Cenotaph in London, I was amazed that none of our 'leading' politicos had a medal. Does this mean that the leaders have never known the plite of the poor 'tommy' (apologies for the crab and sailor sam's marines etc), are we being governed by peopple who have never given their due to their country?
  2. I noticed that too.
    What a shameful situation. I can't believe there wasn't a medal to be seen. Maybe thats why we get such a shafting by HMG.
  3. I thought Rev Ian Paisley normally had a chest-full?

    Maybe the mainland party leaders all served on Telic 1 but are still waiting for their medals........
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  4. Face it guys - politics reflects society - and society hasn't usually served. You're not going to see it either.
  5. AFAIR, Trimble and Paddy Pantsdown were the last party leaders to have served. Funnily though it was mostly the Ulster Unionists in previous years that had done their bit.
  6. The only politician that springs to mind is Paddy Ashdown who has served? any others??
  7. David Davis has done a bit of time in the Army I believe.
  8. I forgot IDS, he had his NI gong
  9. Sadly for us, most modern politicians do not have any military service under their belt. And, as they come from political dynasties, they won't have any relatives who have served either.

    Maybe this site should have a list of politicians with their relevant service annotated alongside their names??

  10. There's a crop of newly minted ones that have served - but it will be a while before they are senior enough to be the ones laying the wreaths.
  11. If you'd only waited THREE DAYS you'd have had a decade between the previous post herein and yours...
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  12. I don't think ticklishrodent really cares now, seeing as he's pushing up daisies!
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  13. @Gary Cooper has done a Sterling job on the Today in British History thread, of pointing out who, and from where, lots of Blinged Up Chaps were from. It may interest you to know, I for one was certainly educated by it, that more than 40% of the VC and MoH winners are Irish.
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