medals and DJs

Heres a question for you...

What is the score with wearing medals with Black tie?

I am going to my Unit do and don't have mess dress suitable (need summer rig - little time etc), but have permission to wear black tie. i have seen people in DJs at other functions wearing medals, so what's the score?

I don't want to be incorrectly dressed, if this is what ettequet (or however you speeel it) damands, nor do i want to large it if medals are a no-no.

Please advise.

Edited to apologise for mong spelling; i'm tired
Speak to the PMC or the Presiding member then you can't be wrong. Better that than to receive some half arsed advice off here and be paying port fines for ever and a day.

That said, if you are in the same mess as me, the ettiquette is that you don't wear medals, or a shirt. ;-)
Cheers fella

I suppose it won't matter too much; give it a few hours in there and i'll be naked apart from my trousers on my head egyptian stylee (or is that soo last season) - i'm sure the other members will see the funny side and i won't get too big a fine :roll:
As long as you don't lag against the bar like a certain Staffy at our last ladies dinner night.
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