Medals (Again)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Over4MeNow, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. One for the medallists:

    Just had my medals mounted and, before the 11th, I'd just like to check that they have been mounted in the correct precedence order. The reason I ask is that, before the Iraq medal was added my previous set was GSM, QGJM and then ACSM.

    I received these today mounted as per shown. Are they now correct and have I previously been incorrectly dressed?

    And any eagle eyes who correctly surmise that there should, perhaps, be a LS&GC there (having left as a WO1)...that's another story.

    Cheers in advance and apologies for the crap photo.

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  2. They should be mounted in the order that you were awarded them
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thats what I thought!
  4. I thought there was something that said other campaign medals came before ACSM etc and those were worn in the date order when awarded
  5. In a nut shell the order should be
    1 Galantry medals and Orders
    2 Campaign medals in order you were on the campaign
    3 Corination and Jubilee Medals in order of recipt
    4 ACSM
    5 Long service medals
  6. So:

    GSM, Iraq, QGJM and then ACSM?
  7. It is Campaign/Operation Medals in order of award,there are then defined order for ACSM---LSGC's--Jubilee Medals

    So they are in correct order
  8. yes that should be the order I would wait untill after the 11th as there is no garunte that you will get them back in time then ask for them to be remounted in the corect order at no charge mention that you were a WO1 and you know what order they should be in if they argue where did you get them done as a proffesional company or a regimental tailors should have no excuse
  9. Wrong. What you are saying is that an OSM or Telic medal would then be mounted after a QGJM, ACSM or LS&GC if they were awarded after receiving the latter. Medals awarded for operations should be worn in the order they were issued but always mounted before the QGJM, ACSM or LS&GC.

    As to the originators question, the ACSM should be mounted after the QGJM.
  10. That fella that mounted them......... did he do it with his feet? through a letterbox? :D
  11. I stand corrected :)
  12. Thanks MDN that's exactly what I thought. This was done by a garrison tailor of some repute who I won't mention here until I tackle the problem. For confirmation purposes, should it be then; GSM IRAQ QGJM and then ACSM?
  13. Correct. And I would ask for your money back! Shoddy workmanship!
  14. Fellas,

    Perhaps I have been a bit unfair. The medals were as they fell out of the envelope but look like this now.

    My main question is about precedence order as I don't think they're right. The question of workmanship will be tackled when I get the order sorted.


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  15. You are right to be concerned. The ACSM should be after the QGJM.