Medals, advice needed

I know it's a bit, but that's the way I roll.

I need advice. My gongs have been mounted in a display case since leaving the army, and I was going to wear them for the parade this weekend. The problem I'm having is that on the back of them is a long velcro strip, that holds them to the inside of the frame. There is no pin on the back.

I need an easy way of attaching them to my suit, without the aid of blacknasty, or superglue. Is there a way of getting a pin attached? Or some other gucci way of getting them stuck on my chest?
Would pinning along the edge of the velcro into your suit not work? Is there a weight-of-gongs issue that would need some kind of structural engineering solution?
I've not got my minatures any longer. Pinning velcro to the suits may may look a bit ARRSE, and may not be sturdy enough?
Hi sumdge,

If you want a broach bar for your medals, then call the guy below and ask him for a broach bar for the number of medals you have. To fix on the medals to the bar use invisable thread or fishing line through the holes on the bar.

Jeremy Tenniswood

Hope this helps

jack-daniels said:
Bad admin Smudge mate, bad admin!
I know I know! It was touch and go as to wether I was going to be attending or not.
Get the normal medal pin and velcro strip to the medals wear them for parade then unvelcro to place back on display
You sir, are a genius! That just may do the trick. Where can I get a medal pin at last minute??
Don't bother wearing them, you spent all your tours in the back of the Machy wagon drinking tea and watching porn!

If your medals are properly mounted, it should be relatively easy to attach them to you suit using two field dressing sized safety pins, that are easily concealed?

Talking of field dressings, I remember the medics going batsh*t around remembrance sunday because people were opening up FFD's left, right and centre to get safety pins out so that you dindn't get extras for having your No.2 Dress tie flicked out by the Battery Sergeant Major...

Happy days..
TheBigUn said:
Don't bother wearing them, you spent all your tours in the back of the Machy wagon drinking tea and watching porn!

Actually it was drinking tea and shagging the female chefs/interprators/and a random sigs bird called Jenni :)

Edited to add: I never said I'd earned them ;)
Smudge... FFS!


1. Order miniatures from Right Dress - they usually deliver on return of post, however this IS November...

2. Cut a strip of card/plastic/whatever the length of the medal bar about 1cm wide. tack/sew the largest safety pin you can find to the strip so that the top edge of the pin when it lies flat is below the top edge of the strip. Cover the strip with JT, cutting slits to let the safety pin protrude...

Get some sticky back velcro from Lewis's haberdashery and stick it to the strip... (or glue on normal Velcro with contact adhesive..

Mount medals and hope it don't rain...

3. Get your F'in medals mounted properly next month so we don't go through this next year....

and ... DON't try velcroing medals to your suit...


... Or I have I just been sucked into the Wah of the Month.... :roll:
I wish it was a wah! I'm not gonna order minatures now. It's probably too late. What's JT?
JT - Jungle Tape - Black Nastie - Duct Tape - Harry Maskers - add your term...
HE117 said:
JT - Jungle Tape - Black Nastie - Duct Tape - Harry Maskers - add your term...
Sellotape on steroids?- sorry bored at work!
cernunnos said:
Just knock a nail into your collar bone and hang the picture frame on it! Jobs a good'n!
Good call!

I'm trying to find a mouting pin for the back of them. Anywhere sell them?
Just go back in time and become a bone idle bounty hunting war dodging stab because i never have medal problems of course we didnt get any gongs for the prince's gate job but thats another story

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