Medals - about to go full circle back to 1 each?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by the_boy_syrup, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Looking through some of the medal threads on here about whether it's ok to buy a medal or two because the old and bold have only got one or two compared to todays young uns with 6+ got me thinking
    Have we peaked with tours and medal issue?
    With the end of Op Banner
    The draw down in Iraq,Bosnia and Kosavo imminent if not already happening
    In fuure will we see certain units Para etc with only one or two medals for Afghanistan?
    As units turn round more often IIRC this will be a second Para batllegroup in almost as many years deploying to Afghanistan
    In future will we see people with just that one medal as we used to see Sgts and above in the 80's with one GSM for NI

    Just a thought
  2. You are probably correct there. I think it will take an entire generation to notice a significant change though - there are 23 year olds in my unit with half a dozen gongs!

    That is unless our friends over the pond find somewhere else to invade, obviously :roll:
  3. At least now that weve more or less got rid of Bosnia, Maecedonia and Kosovo we may well see the end of the chocolate medal.
  4. Oi! People did die there and they where genuine campaigns. Those medals are not "chocolate".

    If you wish to state that Iraq and Afghanistan are more dangerous, you will get no argument from me. There is no need to ridicule previous deployments though. We go where we are sent and try to do the job we are set.

    I am full of admiration about the jobs that curent troops do. It is harder than anything I had to face. But we did not shirk our duty either, we was just given a lighter load.
  5. Especially as 2 out of my 4 are "chocolate" medals.
  6. I always thought it was called the chocolate medal because it had FRY on it?
  7. wow nothing like taking it out of context and getting all excited about it!

    Answer me this, why did the NATO medal for Bosnia have 'Former Yugoslavia' on the clasp and why did the NATO medal for Kosovo have 'Kosovo' on the clasp? Surely Bosnia should have had 'Bosnia' as both Bosnia and Kosovo were both in what used to be Yugoslavia. The non septic approach would have been 1 gong and 3 clasps (Bosnia, Kosovo, Maecedonia).

    What I am saying is that in a short space of time we had a stupid amount of tacky looking gongs thrown at us (3 for Bosnia if you went UN, NATO and then got the unwearable Pan Balkan 'Non Article 5' medal).
  8. Filber fox - you forgot the EUFOR medal
  9. Fair point. 1 medal "former yugolslavia" with clasps for theatre would be ok. Just did not like them described as "chocolate". They do look crap though TBH.
  10. Lets get this right,

    Bosnia UN, Bosnia Nato, KFOR & Macedonia (Op Essential Harvest) - so 4, not 3.

    I think it's remiss of you to dismiss these as chocolate - certainly one of the hardest tours i did was an early Bosnia one - as a loggy the only FP you had back then was winding your window up when being shot at which happened weekly!!!

    But, back to the original point, i think you're more or less right, and Afghan will be the new NI, its certainly going that way on the tactical front
  11. More than that:

    UNPROFOR (Yugoslavia): 01 Mar 92 to 31 Dec 95.

    UNMIK (Kosovo): 10 Jun 99 to date to be decided.

    United Nations Special Service Medal with Clasp:
    Sarajevo Airlift: 03 Jul 92 to 12 Jan 96.

    NATO Medal with ribbon/clasp for:
    (i) Former Republic of Yugoslavia*: 01 Jul 92 to 31 Dec 02.
    (ii) Kosovo*: 13 Oct 98 to 31 Dec 02.
    (iii) Macedonia: 01 Jun 01 to 31 Dec 02.

    NATO Non-Article 5 Medal:
    (i) Balkans (Non-Article 5): 01 Jan 03 to date to be decided.
    (N.B. Macedonia [FYROM] elements ceased on 31 Mar 03 and the Bosnia Herzegovina elements
    ceased on 01 Dec 04).

    European Community Monitoring Mission Medal (Yugoslavia): 25 May 91 to 30 Jun 92.

    Western European Union Mission Medal* (Yugoslavia): 01 Jul 92 to 31 Dec 96.
  12. Not forgetting ESDP EUFOR medal
  13. and the team EUFOR medals clasp proxima(macedonia) concordia(macedonia) and althea(bosnia)
    so by my count that makes 12 medal for yugodisney and there are probably more
  14. All that is undoubtedly true but we don't want to give the impression that, say, 5 out of 6 of the average squaddie's medals are for service in the Former Yugoslavia. There were a ludicrous amount of medals awarded but I would hazard a guess that most people of the era have two, a few would have three and very, very few any more than that.
  15. On the Medals thread. I saw a recent post ref a lass in Colchester who is well recommended for mounting medals etc (don't even start - I mean tailoring) I can't find the thread but can some kind soul post her details so I can get my final lot sorted. Greatful Tx