(I know it's the NAAFI was having a moment and couldnt find the right place to drop this.)

It's my best pals 35th next month and a few surprises are in store. I have managed to get his Grandad's gongs for him (they were close) as his Grandad had never bothered applying. 6 have arrived and theres an MBE to add to them thast he got when he worked in the civil service.

1 - Does the MBE get mounted first? ill put some pennies in the pot.

2 - I am hoping to get them frames with a small picture of his Grandad at either end , one as a civvy one as a soldier. Instead of chancing it I'd rather go with a supplier who one of you've used to satisfaction.

Anyone know a decent display maker?

Cheers big ears.

Get MittMayo to court mount them and I'll get them put in a Gucci display cabinet.

I'll PM you a photo of the ones I did for my grandpappy and the old fella who used to tickle my walnut on my paper round
Looks like you posted in the right place after all! The NAAFI Bar, ladies and gentlemen: It's not just for homophobic abuse any more...

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