Medal Theft

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Civvy_Shot, Feb 6, 2007.

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    You complete and utter pikey feckers.

    Hopefully as it is a specialist market these should be recoverable and the occupants of the mystery Volvo given a good slapping.

    Displaying her late husband's medals with pride for some scrote to lift them to flog for a fraction of their value....

    (I've had an 'antiques dealer' target my Grandmother when she was a bit batty who got a very definite hint about what would occur if he showed his face again.)
  2. I hope these bastads get what they deserve :threaten:
  3. Just not on
  4. Thats just it, they have no respect, they dont care about anyone or anything but themselves. This country and goverment make it easy for them, they know they are untouchable and if they do get nicked they know they'll either get sent on a rehabilitation holiday or put in Her Majesty's Hotels. No fear, no respect, no future but to carry on thieving and drawing benefits.
  5. The only upside to this is that the items are desirable (to collectors) gallantry awards and as such will be instantly pinged by either (medal) dealers or collectors. The downside is that they're not named (though dated) to the original recipient. I only hope that the cnuts that did this don't throw them away so as to make their recovery impossible.

    God, I ******* HATE this country - or rather the way it's gone. :frustrated:
  6. I'd be happy to pay an extra penny in the pound to pay for 100,000 more jail places so when scrotes like these are caught they get 10 years. Floged 6 times proir to serving their full time then 6 more lashes at thn end of their time. It works in other countries.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Kent Pikeys and Valley Commandos, perhaps a spell in the army as reactive targets would sort them out!
    "I ate dem pikeys I DO!"
  8. And I thought we were mates....

    Edited to add, my great-grandfathers medals were nicked a few years back when my dad was burgled, the MM, 14 Star and war medal were recovered but the Victory medal and DCM never turned up. :threaten:
  10. You would think unusual medal groups would be easy to find in this specialist market. However my UNFICYP, Nato Bosnia, QGJM, TD and bar, US Commendation Medal group disappeared without trace when it was half inched...
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Thieving Gypoes, they probably dont even appreciate what they have stolen, just another few quid for a fix!!

    Hopefully local medal dealers are aware of them on the market.
  12. It doesn't seem so and this is a pretty nifty neighbourhood. Sadly I think this was magpie fever. They looked pretty all court-mounted and all so they nicked them, then wondered what they might do with them. So they are probably lying in a hedge somewhere...grrrr!
  13. I'm sorry to hear that Cuddles.

    I fear displaying my Grandfather's WWII medals, including African Star. I think replicas can be bought and so I'd show these. Isn't it a shame the way we must live nowadays? Nothing is the remotest bit sacred anymore.
  14. Scumbags indeed. However I did hear some time ago of one such story with a happy ending. An ex-boss of mine used to run an antique shop, and pikey came in one morning to sell a medal group. Claiming he didn't know too much about medals and needed to consult as to value, he took details and asked the ratbag to return at 1600. He had spotted the THEM letters on one of them, rang THEIR Adjt, and a couple of upstanding gentry, nothing whatsoever to do with plod, were in the back of the shop by 1600. Matey came in, was frogmarched out again, and that's virtually the last the boss heard of it. Except that apparently the lad concerned was on ops and his place had been turned over while he was away.