Medal Ribbons

i have the one Op medal ribbon on my two's (Herrick), I have just come back from Telic, and need my twos sorting ASAP, so I have decided to get the ribbon done via a civvie shop locally, Im not in work Im on leave.

Thing is I dont know what happens with the ribbon, does the one on there now move left or right an the new one go next to it, or does the new one just go onto the jacket (left or right of the old one).

Op medals in order of tour, ie your herrick first the telic second. also the initial ribbon should be moved slightly left (as you wear the two's) so that the two ribbons (and when worn) the medals are centralised aboove the pocket.
Right in both cases but your new ribbon gos on your left arm side
thanks alot for the replies.

Tony Brown will see to it that my massive collection turns to one requiring scaffolding soon enough no doubt!
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