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Medal ribbons

On number 2 dress, how many medal ribbons can you have before starting a new row? I have had a quick glance through dress regs but can't find anything. The tailor has sewn them on for me and it doesn't look right. She has done three and three on the next row.
Thanks in advance
eddie937 said:
IrishDoris do you have any links to back this up please as i dont want to look like a prat on parade.
HERE is a link to the most recent regulations on the wearing of medals. It also gives the correct order of wear. Have a browse or register and ask some of the experts there any queries you have. They seem like a knowledgable, friendly bunch
Eddie, the number of ribbons you have in a single row will be determined by the size of your jacket. As I'm only a wee skinny bugger, I've got 4 on the bottom row and the rest above them. I've never seen more than 5 per row. Medals, just to clear up any confusion, should always be in a single row. Up to 5 can be mounted side by side (3 for the Navy); any more than that and they should be overlapped, but you tailor will sort all that out for you.

Edited to add, your 2's should have 2 on the top row and 4 underneath.
FFBox said:
I've got 5, three on the bottom row, two on the top, before that it was a row of four.
That sounds about right to me. Tailors are permitted a degree of artistic license when it comes to medal mounting (after all, there's not much uniform about a group of soldiers' medal collections; they're all different anyway). Obviously they need to be in the right order but after that they can be mounted in a symetrical fashion and according to the space available (ie, width of chest and design of jacket (jacket designs differ to capbadge)). So, 4 under and 2 over, 3 under and 2 over; it's all good. 4 under and 1 on top would just look soo wrong.

It wasnt that long ago when the fashion was for medals to be worn all over the place. Just check out the photos of VCs etc (well, okay it was a long time ago.. ).

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