Medal ribbon/fire service advice please

afternoon gents,

I'm ex military, been out about 4 years now and into the final stages of joining the fire service. I'm after some advice regarding medal ribbons.

Now in our day to day dress (blue shirts blue trousers) firefighters wear mounted ribbons, wether your ex army ect or have just done long service in the fire service ect.

As I'm in the final stages I have been looking at getting my ribbons ready to put on my shirt, but unsure about one. As it stands I would have my Afghan and jubilee, buuuuut and I know this can be a sore subject, can I add the Isaf ribbon to it?
I know it's a chocolate medal and I have mine framed in the house and I also know people will say your out the army now so do what you like, but what's the GEN regarding it? I would like the have the Isaf added to the bar but I also don't want to offend still serving lads or be questioned about it if it's not allowed.

Any information greatly received

I've attached a pic for reference, obviously ignore The Iraq.
Why not just check the FS Dress regs regarding medals?..... plus there's bound to be other ex squaddies serving with you ,who will rightly give you a shoeing for wearing the ISAF rag
It's unlikely most will even know what the extra ribbon is for much less question it. I've seen some proper faux pas with regard to ribbons worn on fire service uniform, including but not limited to, ribbon bars pinned on upside down and none state approved/issued medal ribbons which should be worn separately on the right breast tagged onto ribbon bars and worn on the left.


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The rules that apply to Service personnel are national rules that apply to everyone.

The difference is that if you are serving in the military then the rules are enforced. If you are a civilian they are not.

I would guess that the Fire Service would expect you to stick to the rules.

I can well understand why you would want to wear the ISAF medal and anyone who realised what it is would know that it's not a chocolate medal but you would always have a niggling feeling that somebody who has met you has thought you a bit of a fool for wearing a medal you shouldn't.

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