Medal ribbon colour scheme

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by devexwarrior, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    This is the 1936-37 India General Service medal. The ribbon bears a passing similarity to the Corps Colours.
  2. nothing really, just thought someone might be interested

    obviously not

    I'll get my coat
  3. Or the now defunct RRW stable belt. How they laugh when you ask them why they wear our belt - not!!!
  4. I nearly did that to an RRW Major in Iraq, but thought better of it... :)
  5. If only I had........................................
  6. Valid point though - it is Corps Colours. Any history behind this medal that may tie in? Not a medal fanatic myself, but from Soldier magazine, there seems to be loads of books on the subject. On a separate topic, the two books featured in this months Soldier seem interesting. One of Afganisatan and one on Iraqi insurgents. Anyone read them?
  7. You're joking right??
  8. the long winter nights must just fly right on by in the Int corps!!
  9. Thats every 2nd tuesday of the month, you should come to one of our chess nights (every thursday) there awesome!
  10. Our Speeling and Gramur classes are just as much fun!


  11. The first rule about medal club one talks about medal club