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Discussion in 'Medals' started by ordinaryforces, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Right gents
    pardon me if I come across as a bit dense here,
    but I am trying to find out a bit about my granddads medals which were lost...(1917-1919) scuffle in russia, but owing to the fact that I'm an internet mong I paid a women to have a look around, now all she left me with was a number in what she said was the medals list..112096.could any of you researchers tell me what to do or what site to go to next? with that number available would it identify the man and would it tell you anything? he was RFA thats about all I know, and since it is nigh on a 100years a lot of things have been lost in the family facts .
    Cheers for any ideas and help.
  2. If you stick this, with a few more details like name, DOB etc in the military history forum I'm sure you will get help.

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  3. Number is probably a medal card index number, this may be the only record surviving as most records were destroyed WW2.

    PM me; Name, Rank Regt, and any other details and I can check on
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  4. I always start with the National Archive:

    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Refine Browse Criteria

    With just a number or a name or part's of info you can track down your man's medal card then can download it for £2.
    That gives you your start point.

    Is this him?

    Medal card of Bird, Frank E
    Corps Regiment No Rank
    Royal Field Artillery 112096 Driver

    Or this one?

    Medal card of Brinsley, Cornelius
    Corps Regiment No Rank
    Royal Garrison Artillery 112096 Gunner
    Date 1914-1920
  5. Hopefully all squared with OrdinaryForces now for his MIC he was looking for.
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  6. yes thanks to all that helped especially sunray minor who clinched it