Medal replacement companies?

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Twice-the-man, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Had a bit of a mare (monged it basically) and need to replace 2 of my medals due to damage; GSM Northern Ireland clasp and Op Herrick with clasp.

    I've googled around and - The Mess Dress Ltd do full size replacements with engraving included for £20 per gong; just wondering has anybody had one of their replacements and know if they are any good or not?

  2. That sounds a good deal, not used them myself but had one replaced by Award and it cost me in excess of £40.00.
  3. While I cant speak for the replacement service, Mess Dress have done good work in the past for mounting medals and seem a pretty good lot.
  4. Saw the prices of the Award replacements and it just made me wonder if £20 was so low due to poor quality.
  5. The Award quality is excellent, only prob I had was they spelt my surname wrong on the engraving, contacted them and a new medal was with me within 48 hours.
    Just need to see if anyone replies who have used Mess Dress.
  6. Have a look at this lot

    Replacements at £30 a throw but they were one of the 3 companies to officially strike the QDJM, so the quality will be excellent.
  7. Don't go throwing the damaged medals away!! They're original medals issued by the medals office. There's also the possibility of repair. Any medals from these companies are merely cheap copies. Have you looked at official replacements via JPA. There's a specific form, without logging on cannot recall the form number, that has to be signed off by the CO to justify official replacement through the medals office.

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  8. Oh, it would take one hell of a repair...

    And I imagine replacing them through the official channels to be a very long-winded process.
  9. This lot look the best option to be honest, without any int on the Mess Dress quality
  10. To be honest, The MessDress Ltd company have dropped their standards of late. I have remounted several groups previously mounted by them and they were shockingly poor (they pretty much use double sided tape throughout).

    I wouldn't buy them for under £30. The Bigbury Mint do some quality medals, also.
  11. I love a bargain as much as the next man but £40 for 2 medals with engraving included sounds a bit ropey....
  12. Had some replacements from Mess Dress before. The mounting was a bit weird with a rectangular bulge showing behind each ribbon after a while (presume double sided tape used to hold the ribbon down) and the OSM Afghanistan looked to be a cheap copy with a rounded edge (strangely though the Iraq medal was identical to the original).

    One thing I can't fault them on is their service. When one of the coins came away from the suspender they replaced and remounted them for me and sent them back next day.

    Had a fast ball recently that required me to get another set of medals and this time used Bigbury Mint. 3 medals, 2 engraved ordered at NAAFI break and arrived the following morning. Medals look just the same as the originals and from what I can tell they've done a 1st rate job on the mounting too.
  13. TheresaMay

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    Just out of interest (it's been sort of mentioned on this thread) - does anyone know the procedure for repairing medals?

    I noticed when I stripped my rack down the other day, the clasp that fits around the metal dowel at the top of the LSGC medal is cracked on the rear mount - as indicated in the picture below.

    It'll hold in place for now, and once I've mounted them onto buckram and strapped them down I cannot see it going anywhere - but it is at an over-zealous swipe with the polishing cloth away from shearing off completely, and for a medal which has mainly sat in my drawer since arriving from the mint - I'd rather it be a little more, well, sturdy.

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  14. I've just got my LS&GC back today from the medal office. The back plate/shield (same area as yours) was missing so I sent it back after filling out a a JPA S001 form signed by my CO. They sent me a brand new medal!
  15. PM MittMayo, cracking job done, fast and cheap.
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