medal repairs?

Does anyone know or can recommend somewhere i can send my medal to be repaired? My daughter decided to swing on them and this one didnt like it. It seems to have two of the three pins have broken and possibly needs to be redrilled.
Some one who make Jewellery should be able to silver solder that back buddy .
Did you use Araldite?

That would have been my recommendation...
I had the same issue a few years back. Medal was broken from the upper portion. You could at the time send it back through the system and get it repaired/replaced. I was informed that the official medal repairer would make that decision once he had inspected it. BUT if it was replaced it would come with an R stamped after your name rank number to indicate it was a replacement.
So I went to same route as the OP and paid for the repair myself and kept the original medal.
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