Medal/Regi number query Lincolnshire Regt Great War.

Here's, probably a simple one, for you number spotters.

Been researching my grandfathers records for the old man.

Knew he had been awarded medals and dragged up his card stating War and Victory.

Did another search on National archives and found the medal card agin, this time with 3 numbers on the search: Listed are two numbes for the Lincs Regt and one for the RE. (I know he transferred to the RE)

So for the 2/5th Lincs he has 5491 and 241805. For the RE 619528.

It was a family "legend" that he joined under age, went to Dublin in 1916, then went to France, got injured, back to France with RE.

The 2/5th history match up with the story and I have pictures of him in both Lincs and RE uniforms.

Just confused about the numbers. Any help apreciated.
I believe it was common practice for Regiments and even Battalions to Issue their own numbers for further help try this link and have a look at the forums.
Agreed, this is why the term "regimental" number is often used when in fact for many, many years it has in fact been an army number.

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