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Discussion in 'Medals' started by jelly_head, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Hi there. Can someone please identify these medals? They are modern issue British Army.

    Sorry for the crap picture. Its the only one available.

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  2. There are perhaps four medals here... I think...

    Haven't a clue what they are, mainly because of the crap picture.
  3. I reckon from left to right
    1 Some sort of Nato medal
    2 Could either be a Afghan medal
    3 LSGC
    $ QGJM
  4. I think you deserve a prize for getting that far, considering the state of the picture.
  5. Got a feeling, left to right looking at the pic:
    1) NATO Non Article 5 Medal plus Bar
    2) Looks remarkably like the Cadet Forces Medal
    3) Operational Service Afganistan, with Bar
    4) Gueens Golden Jubilee Medal
  6. Nah. Cadet Medal would be after the OSM.
  7. 1 - NATO
    2 - ***I am not sure - it cannot be op telic and it is too light for the GSM BUT - it could be (yellow sides and the three stripes in the middle - a reason for it - it could have been mounted in the wrong order)
    3 - OSM Afghan
    4 - QGJM

    Why do you ask?
  8. Left to Right

    Telic (not Telic 1 as no bar)
    Battle of Golden Jubilee

    Not sure about the Telic one but pretty sure of the other 3.
  9. Here are some better pictures of what I think they are.

    All from here:

    Clicky clicky

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  10. It is not Telic, looks like the Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal.

    Non Article 5 NATO
    It looks to red for Afghan OSM (OSM Congo perhaps?) or LSGC (if so they are in the wrong order

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  11. Why is the Afghanistan OSM back to front?
  12. onI believe they are the following:

    1. NATO Non-Article 5 (Kososvo has white edges)
    2. CSM Iraq without bar.
    3. OSM with Afghanistan bar.
    4. QGJM

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  13. Why can't it be the Telic medal? If it was, why would it necessarily be in the wrong order? Thousands of people have done Iraq before Afghanistan.
  14. The colours down the center look too wide to be the Iraq OSM