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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by monkeyseemonkeydo, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. First of all I have tried the search function and it came up with eleventy squillion results that had nothing to do with what im after.

    My problem is I have not yet received my Telic medal and its really starting to annoy me. "So what? Go see your clerk!" I hear you say.

    Well, I keep getting fobbed off by my clerk with the old "Paperwork was sent off when you were on tour" excuse, and considering I served 4 months on Telic 2 (2003) and 7 months on Telic 4 (2004) I think I am well within my rights to be rather annoyed.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Go to the RAO or at the very least RAOWO. Took 2 years to get mine, but hanging in there and being a complete pest (not sex though!!) worked. Speak to your boss and get them to fight your corner, that's what they get paid for - Administering their troops.
  3. If you have waited that long I would try the contact details below:

    Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency
    Building 250
    RAF Innsworth
    GL3 1HW

    The MOD Medal Office Enquiry Line is: Tel: 0141 2243600

    If you phone the help line and give them your Regtl number they will tell you where you are in the waiting list, or if it has been applied for.
  4. Many thanks.

    I will try both of the above. Hopefully will get somewhere. Seeing guys come back off recent telics and have them straight away has been making me lose faith in the system.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. get the clerks to check your UNICOM printout and make sure that it has been annotated with you tour details, that will at least get you a start point. I would then check your PFile and take a copy of the paperwork submitted for you medal, you then have some hard facts to present to your boss.
  6. I rang up the medal office and it turns out that no paperwork has been submitted for me for either telic 2 or 4. So basically I have been told lies for the past few years.

  7. This is becoming admin urban myth No1 ....

    "Medals are requested by your unit in Iraq. (so I don't have to bother my arrse...)"

    Err Nope....

    All in theatre request (at least for TA) were rejected by the medals office if you were attached tps. Your parent unit has to claim for the medal when you get back.
  8. Yes, and my unit said that they sent the paperwork off which is quite blatantly a lie, which has left me waiting for something that wasnt actually ever gonna turn up unless I enquired myself.
  9. Speak to your Regimental Discipline Sgt, they deal with all medal stuff. Then go to your admin office and pull the clerk over his desk and smash the p1ss out of him with one of his own boots, purely for being a bone idle cretin. War dodging kant!
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    That wasn't true of my case. I was attached as a TA/reservist augmentee to a Bde HQ. The clerks of that unit early on in the tour identified all in the Bde that had not already been awarded an Iraq Medal and they were presented to us on the Bde's return to Germany. I had to wait a couple of extra months for mine as it got lost in someone's intray, but it arrived in the post safely enough.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Mine was left to turn black in the RAOWO's desk until I rang up and put him right.
  12. And I quote:

    "Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency (AFPAA) Key Targets:

    7. To deliver an efficient and effective MOD medal service.

    To deliver medals from receipt of application to issue:

    Current campaign medals 35 working days
    Conduct & Reserve medals 45 working days
    Historic medals (inc Canal Zone) 70 working days"

    Just in case anyone ever needs a larger stick to move them along! :D


  13. I was told for 2 years by my SSA that my LSGC was in the "System" after I done a plea of mitigation, the fat SLU1 never even put it in front of my CO the lazy incompitent Wh0re.

    She is posted now and I have to start from scratch again. I am trying to find out which unit she was posted to so I can give her a bit of verbal over the phone. AGC what a buinch of wasters.
  14. Ouch! Don't tar us all with the same brush mate! Being an AGC male I've actually had to work my way through the ranks (instead of crying and putting it about that is).

    I apply for medals at my unit and it's a real pain (700 bods split over several locations). I don't even have unicom here so I can't check and I only know when someone has gone away when I get a call saying they haven't received their medal. I'm sure some people think the medal fairy does all the paperwork :D I've even rang the medal office myself to be told that there is no medal in the system when I have sent the paperwork off.

    If anyone needs to contact them ring:

    94560 - 3600 (option 2)

    At least they'll be able to tell you where your medal app is. Anyway, back to slagging the AGC off!!

    "Once a Gunner, always a Gunnner"