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Discussion in 'Medals' started by spud_23, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. Vet in local tescos wearing NI and granby medals... With a cross under a red white and blue ribbon and a gold medals with gold ribbon and purple stripe, he says its QGJM..

    Anyone know? Never seen it before

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  2. It's the unofficial civvy version of the QGJM.
  3. He's got 2 gizzits mate by the sounds of things . You buy them off the tinterweb comemorative medals don't know why they do it . His GSM and Op Granby more than merits a doff of your cap in my eyes.
  4. Shit the bed, you're back in! They obviously sorted the account lock.

    Both the cross and the golden shite are Walty purchased crap!!
  5. Yep. GPMGSF has been killed with a belt of 200.
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  6. I heard that GPMGSF was a Walt!
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  7. I suppose he was a Fallschirmjager walt.

    What a **** eh!

    Good looking bloke though!
  8. So they say!

    Welcome back you crusty git!
  9. Cheers mucker. I aim to please.
  10. The red/white/blue 'medal' sounds like that general service cross thing....
  11. Yep, that's the one! I was trying to think of its name. Walt bling.
  12. Be nice. You promised somewhere else.
  13. Thanks for that.. had never seen it before and he had no idea there was another QGJM.. and it was a UN gong not granby.. my bad

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  14. Op Tosca is just as dangerous as any propper war ;)
  15. They have Vets in Tesco now? I knew they sold clothes and electrical items but FFS, Is there anything they don't do?