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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. I always assumed you were not entitled to wear a medal unless it had been issued to you.

    As we know most medals are stamped along the rim with the owners details.

    Diamond Jubilee Medal | Commemorative Queens 2012 Medals for Sale

    On that basis is this a load of bollocks?
    Is it simply a firm looking to relieve some wannabees of a few quid or have they hit upon a great marketing angle?

    What is the protocol for wearing jubilee medals? For most people it will be a lottery as in were you serving when they were issued, and for the golden and this diamond all serving at that time did. I can recall the Silver though where only two were issued per unit and you can guess who got those. As I was never issued one I always take the view I am not entitled to wear it. I missed the Golden by a few Months

    This firm is seeming to claim that if you have served at any point between 1952 and the assesion to today then you are entitled to Silver, Golden and Diamond.

    I know many people purchase stuff like this and wear them anyway at Remembrance and the like and clearly the is a hell of a difference between a campaign or gallantry award than a time served such as a LSGC or a Jubilee. I don't knock them for this, neither would I consider them walting.

    UK armed services have a strict award protocol and this is important as we do not wish our people to end up looking like a chest full of techni colour like the Yanks.
  2. Is all you need to know.
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  3. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Considering a never served civvie like myself would meet the criteria for the medal, I am inclined to assume it is a great marketing wheeze.

    Conspicuously missing from the blurb are the words "sanctioned by HM Government".

  4. There has been a crack down on the number of persons wearing jubilee medals they were not entitled to. At one particular unit a significant number of SNCOs were told to remove their silver ( for silver read golden) jubilee medals after checks were carried out on JPA.

    On the other hand I was officially given 2 diamond jubilee medals……does this mean I can wear both?

    Edited for being a mupet.
  5. SNCOs awarded a Silver Jubilee Medal in 1977...................?
  6. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Only if I can wear all my Bosnia medals... I've got about 15 of the ****ing things. No-one ever bothered to ask if I'd already got one and because I did a load of half tours and tours that spanned two operations, people just kept giving me the ****ing things.
  7. If you are a civilian, you can wear what you like, anywhere you want to :)
  8. Silver jubilee were issued in 1977.

    Other poster does not give a date but assuming a Private soldier was issued one in his first year of service (this would be unlikely as IIRC only small numbers were issued per formation and it was up to the head shed of that formation who got one. My unit as the time a small independent Squadron got 2 the Officer Commanding kept one for himself and told the SSM to issue one to the NCO's or other ranks, he also kept it for himself).

    So private solder gets one in 1977 in his first year of service. By the time we get to the Golden he would have been in his 25th year of service and if he made Diamond 35th year.

    Possible I suppose but very unlikely unless peeps went into the reserves?
  9. Pointless junk.
  10. I still haven't got mine.
  11. Of course.
  12. I've got a couple of shit "non-official" ones from OP GRUMPY if that counts?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    They gave it to Justin Bieber instead.
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  14. Good. At least he'll get to wear it more than I would.
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  15. Why do you want to buy a Diamond Commemorative medal and walt about with it?
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