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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Jimima_Shark, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Couple of questions for maybe some of the older and bolder!

    The little lady is due shortly to receive her LS&GC (RAF) and I (Army and currently without LS&GC) am duly proud.

    Thing is she has been told that she needs a small strip of velcro sewing onto her No 1's above her ribbons, so that the medal can be attached when the presenting officer "presents" the medal!

    Is this normal practice? I believed that medals come with a quick fixing pin that allowed easy attachment. I am sure I have seen the Queen (God Save Her) physically attaching medals to recipients and not merely slapping them on!

    Is this an odd thing or should I get some time in and wind my neck in?

    If it is perfectly normal then how should it look (the velcro that is) ie Size/Position on the jacket.

    Regards Guys


    PS Apologies if that goes on a bit!
  2. Maybe its cos her boss doesn't want to be seen to rummaging around in your Missus's Jacket trying to pin the gong on and copping a sly feel at the same time? Just a theory is all
  3. Recently been presented mine - took the medal and jacket to the tailors and told them what was happening and they put a hook on the back of the medal and then a loop above the ribbon for the hook to slot into it. Might be worth getting her to pop to the local military tailors and see what they suggest.

  4. That was my alternative view on the whole thing but the guys who are also receiving are also expected to have this velcro thing attached.

    Or is touching ManBoobs also an assault in the RAF?

  5. Velcro? I have been in uniform for nearly 20 years and have never heard on a gong being stuck on by velcro! I shall refrain from calling the RAF cheap and nasty, however.
  6. Hi All,

    The last medal parade I did where I was actually presented with a medal (as opposed to just being handed a box, and told to sign for it by a clerk), I had to parade in combats, with the top left button undone, and the Col. posted the boxed medal into my pocket, shook hands, and was gone. :D

    Still, that is the TA, old chap. :)

    Incidentally, it might be wise to check if it's the hook or pile bit to sew on to the uniform, as otherwise there will be a small tinkling noise when the medal falls off again. :eek:

    Best Regards, and congrats to the Longhaired CO.

  7. I've been told I'm being presented my Long Sausage medal on Tuesday, and have been given a small metal thing to sew onto my FAD for the Grand Wizard to hang my medal on. The only slight problem is that I don't know where to sew it. I'm wearing the ribbon already - should it go above that? It would sit quite close to the left armpit if I did, so I'm not 100% sure.
  8. Why?

    Only the Crabs could consider velcro for medals... ***shudder***
  9. In my experience , above the ribbon then again if as you say it's way over to the left then centrally above the row would be a better position, it's not as if you'll be wearing the rest of the rack.....
  10. RAF recently shit canned medals with pins and opted for Velcro after one of their mongoloid Health and Safety twats completed a risk assessment deeming medals on pins a possible danger to the wearer.
  11. Please, please tell me you're taking the piss!
  12. Of course I am taking the piss!
    My mate started his basic a couple of weeks ago and has a lass who is ex-RAF Reserve type and she's had to lob here jacket into the tailors for velcro - she's had to re-mount her medals too! Fuckin mental!!!
  13. Surely it would be better to use a strip of black nasty. The up side is it would improve te f*cking surplus blanket excuse for a uniform that the civilians in blue wear
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  14. If this is true, I really do despair. What's next how to safely sew? No needle handling until you've got a Class one in needle use followed up with practicals? FFS
  15. Here we go for another round - let see who we catch today!
    RAF Survival Equipment Fitters (Squippers) Class 1 are actually the only ones allowed to operate military sewing machines in the RAF. There is actually an equipment course for this.