Medal Parade Farce

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. In todays Salisbury Journal there is the following story;

    Iraq medal parade turns into 'a farce'

    A row has broken out over the presentation of Iraq campaign medals to soldiers of the 1st Battalion The Staffordshire Regiment, based at Tidworth. The Bn returned from Iraq in October and, after a special medals parade last Friday, to which, unusually, neither the media nor the army's own press officers were invited, parents complained that medals had been presented only to some soldiers and later had to be handed back. A father said "The whole thing was a farce, the army knew months ago that my son and his mates were due to be given their medals. They must be a bunch of bloody idiots if they can't make sure that they are ready on time." An army spokesman at Bulford said that the new CO Lt Col T** S******** had decided that the parade would be a private event. Each soldier entitled to a medal was presented with one, and - as normal - these were handed back again when the soldiers handed in their weapons afterwards.

    Nice one Centurion! Sounds to me like a case of shocking communication.
  2. Handed back? When the weapons were handed in? What's all that about? I thought when you were 'presented' with a medal you've 'earned', it's yours except for the fact that you have to keep it available when you need oit for wearing in uniform at the appropriate times. And even then, who's going to know/care if you are wearing a replica as long as you are 'entitled' to wear it.

    Even if it is a case of a misunderstanding or lack of communication, it's bad PR for the Staffs, bad PR for the Army and we need all the good PR we can get at the moment.
  3. Have to say that you are spot on here PP.

    What a joke and how depressing for the lads and lasses who worked hard to recieve there just rewards - not to hand them back. Medals are engraved with indiv names so I assume these were not their medals at all. Begs the question, whose medals where they?
  4. Good spot, Queensman. We all know what happened here, do we not.

    Congratulations to all recipients, even if they did not see the medal for long...
  5. What a crock of sh*te,The same thing happened in NI years ago.Not all the medals arrived but they presented them to some,then took them back and gave them to others and finally gave them to the right reciepiant!
  6. Sounds a bit like the old Soviet construction troops swearing in parade. The only time they saw a rifle was
    for the 5 minutes they held one prior to cracking on with the BAM. Perhaps it's the latest money saving
    ploy by MOD. Whole fleet management for medals. Better not say that too loud....
  7. Maybe it's getting closer to scrapping medals all together? Going to some sort of school "merit" system where they hand you a poorly made piece of paper saying "I got 50 gold stars for good behavour!" or something.
  8. Unless one is getting the VC or somesuch, why all the fuss - when the time came for me to get my huge row of medal, I was ordered to parade at the orderly room and told to sign for a little white box by the ORC. ''Ere Sir, sign 'ere and fcuk off!' No hand shake, band, foriegn dignitaries or enormous pish up in the shape of an enormous pish up!
  9. I do remember a few years ago in NI a CO making an effort, and when the GSM turned up for someone, it was presented on the Monday Morning Muster Parade in front of everyone.

    But, to have to hand them back, I cannot think of a bigger kick in the teeth.

    BTW this was also in one of the weekend papers, so the bad PR is getting about.
  10. Yeah I know, but I got my last* one (hardly the VC) at one of these medal parades and to be honest it was a great day, in the presence of assembled families, Cambrai Band, Old Comrades and AS-90s.

    * i.e. the last one except for the minor gong which the helpline assured me recently "according to our records it is at the engravers". How long did it take me to remember - this one doesnt get engraved. :roll:
  11. How many families have you got? Dangerous to bring 'em all together like that - did they fight amongst themselves?
  12. AAH , but when it goes right (SEE KCR SITE AND WEEP)
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

  14. Kings and Cheshire Regiment, (Soon to be no more) Kings Coys to Duke of Lancaster Regt., Cheshire Coys to the Mercian Regt.. HQ Coy disbanded
  15. Let us not forget that the Staffords sustained a number of casualties on Telic; they did not have an easy time of it. What an appalling way to treat soldiers who acquitted themselves so well on ops.

    I wonder if Soldier will be featuring this medal story?