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Discussion in 'Medals' started by 11D, Jun 11, 2004.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Having recently become a canger (no comments for being such a sprog pse!) should the Op Telic medal sit before any NATO medal? I have heard a number of suggestions. Somebody told me that you just put them on in the order you got them, but as this is a campaign medal, not a plastic NATO one, should it be more senior?
  2. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    clanger............sorry heavy night last night.
  3. Please give my regards to the soup dragon. :D

    Op Telic medal 1st I would think
  4. 11D

    'Fraid your Telic gong goes after any NATO/UN awards, even though they look like they came out of a Christmas cracker.

    UK campaign awards take the same precedence as NATO/UN medals and you basically wear 'em in the order you get 'em.
  5. Unless you get a Queen's award (OBE Etc) and it goes to the same side as your heart, army right . AAAAAH!
  6. You've got it already no wonder we can only see the soles of your feet!!
  7. I've been away on leave, so I missed the opportunity to bore you all with more dull 'Slopey' posts.

    Medals and the order in which they are worn is straightforward:


    (1) The abbreviations listed are the authorised post-nominal letters, which are placed after recipients’ names in the same order. Membership of the Order of St John carries no right to post-nominal letters.

    (2) Persons subsequently appointed to a higher class of the same division (Military or Civil) of a British order wear the badge and ribbon and use the post-nominal letters of the higher class (e.g. GBE proceeds KBE, likewise KBE proceeds CBE, etc). If a holder of a lower class is promoted to a higher class in the other division, he may continue to wear the badge and ribbon of the honour first received but may only use the post-nominal letters relating to the higher class.

    (3) Entries with 'square brackets' indicate that no further awards have been made, dependent on dates. PM me if you're that interested!!
  8. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but according to MAT REGS. All campaign medals awrded by the sovereign go in precedence.Then follows all the bone medals that only remind us how crap a tour was. Then the jubilee then finally youre LSGC havent got mine yet....
  9. I'm sorry that QR's wasn't authoritative enough for you. When you mention MATREGS, I assume you mean Mat.Regs.Vol 3 Pam 10 - Clothing - Instructions for the Wearing of the Insignia of Orders, Decorations and Medals

    If you do, here is the blurb:

    I am looking very hard to see if:

    a. QR's doesn't reflect Mat Regs correctly. I can't say that it does.

    b. I didn't cover your point in my last post. Can't say that I didn't.

  10. Looks to me like a question of punctuation. If ss. 506 had utilised semi-colons instead of commas, then QManWpns may well have been correct, but the commas swing it for me: Old Slopey gets the nod.

  11. LOL! Thanks punk! :D
  12. Much as I hate to contradict Slopes, the note regarding post-nominals relating to awards of the Order of St John is not quite correct.

    Order of St John awards such as Serving Brother (and, for PC fans, the female equivalent) do not have post nominals, but the higher awards certainly do. The Order is an order of chivalry and all awards are personally approved by HM Queen, Sovereign Head of the Order.

    For example: Sir Graham Meldrum CBE OStJ QFSM Duniv FIFireE CCMI
    HM Chief Inspector of Trumpton

    Many senior military medical officers are awarded the OsTJ, and use the post-nominal.
  13. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Bugger........I guess that now means I have to pay again to get my medals remounted so that my Kosovo medal is closest to my heart! Can I not blag it?
  14. Never mind all this tedious shite. I've recently seen Lord Flashparts with his mounted the right way up at last! Now all he's got to do is learn to tie his shoe laces.
  15. VB - there are NO authorised post-nominals for the Order of St John. At all.


    VB - just because senior people do it, doesn't make it right! There are plenty of threads on this site that corroborate this!

    I would love to know who these people are - they are using post-noms that that do not exist! :D

    (PS End of chat on this one - unless you can find a definitive authority that proves me (and all of PS12) wrong.)