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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Have just got No 2's back from tailors, its got the VRSM on the left and Jubilee on the right. My proper medals have been mounted the other way around - which I thought was correct....

    thanks in advance, need my 2's pretty soonest
  2. You could try The MOD Medal Office Enquiry Line Tel: 0141 2243600. They deal mainly with replacement and unclaimed medals but they might know.
  3. Looking at them, the order should be from left: Gallantry medals, campaign medals in the order earned, Jubilee, then VRSM.
  4. ^Its been sown on upside down, the VRSM ribbon is upside down

    Uniformal ... you'd have thought they knew what they were doing
  5. Happens all the time. I took my 2s to the garrison tailor near where I live to get a marksman badge sewn on. I thought they'd do a better job than I could. The wnakers not only put it on upside-down but on the wrong sleeve as well. I did it myself in the end.