Medal on Injury?

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Crash9661, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know if you were casevac’d from IRAQ in 2005 short off 1 day qualification are you still entitled to the medal? The unit at the time said rod off but, I heard of one lass how broke her leg on Day 1 of her tour and she got it supposedly. Or is better to raise it through Soldier Magazine because the current Unit never gave a proper reason for not being allowed it?
  2. I think it depends on why you were sent back, I was told that if your injury was caused by enemy action then you got it otherwise you luck out.
  3. hope this helps if the injury was service related you should qualify if you just tripped over a curb or hurt yourself playing wendyball you shouldn't qualify

    The operational area was defined as being divided into two zones - Zone 1 (Iraq and Kuwait) and Zone 2 (elsewhere within the Gulf region). Qualifying periods of service varied depending on the area in which personnel were based. The medal was awarded with the clasp 19 Mar to 28 Apr 2003 to those who participated in combat operations in Iraq; those who served before the invasion, or who served in its aftermath, were recognised by the award of the medal alone.

    To qualify for the clasp, seven days continuous service or, in the case of aircrew, two or more flights into Zone 1, between 19 March and 28 April 2003, were required. This period encompassed the duration of actual combat operations.
    Subsequently, the medal was awarded for either 30 days consecutive service in Iraq (or Iraqi territorial waters), 45 days cumulative, or, in the case of aircrew, for ten sorties flown into Iraq.
    [h=3]Without a clasp[/h] The medal, without a clasp, was awarded to:

    • those based in Zone 1 (Iraq) who did not complete seven days service to qualify for the clasp, but who performed thirty days continuous service between either 20 Jan - 24 March 2003 or from 23 April 2003 to 22 May 2011.
    • those based in Zone 1 (Kuwait) who did not complete seven days service to qualify for the clasp, but who performed thirty days continuous service between either 20 Jan - 24 March 2003 or 23 April - 10 August 2003.
    • those based in Zone 2 who performed thirty days continuous service between 20 Jan - 28 April 2003.
    • aircrew based outside Zone 1 (Iraq) but who flew ten sorties into Iraq, at a rate of not more than one sortie per day, from 28 April 2003 to 22 May 2011.
    • aircrew based outside both Zones 1 and 2 but who flew thirty sorties into Zones 1 or 2, at a rate of not more than one sortie per day, from 20 January - 28 April 2003.
    [h=3]Special circumstances[/h] Service terminated by death, wounds or disability due to service, or the award of a military decoration (Mention in Dispatches or higher), immediately qualified for the award of the medal, regardless of whether the length of service requirement was met.
    • 19 Mar to 28 Apr 2003
  4. Thanks guys for the help so that means that a medical condition that developed in theatre does not count :(
  5. Afraid so. But console yourself with the fact that many here kept the Russians out for years with nothing to show for it other than liver damage and some rather alarming sexual predilections
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  6. Although the rules certainly appear to preclude your case, the MOD Medal Office may interpret them differently from the unit clerk or someone at APC

    I would suggest that once you have left the army, you apply direct to the medal office giving the details.

    They may well accept your application based on the criteria they've used for other casevac'd recipients but if they don't, at least you will have got the decision from the horses mouth, so to speak.
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  7. I agree with Stanchion, get in contact with the experts at the Medal Office - they are generally wilco and proactive and will no doubt advise you to send something in writing, they have seen all possible number of variations and are the authority. A considerable number of folks have been in the same situation and so the Medal Office will have a policy guide to apply to your individual situation.

    If you were aeromeded as a result of DNBI that will be recorded and would form a reasonable case for consideration. If you were serious enough to be evacuated from theatre, then I think it's worth a letter.

    Don't be chinned off by a clerk - best of luck.

    Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA)
    MOD Medal Office
    Innsworth House
    Imjin Barracks
    GL3 1HW

    Veterans Freephone: 0800 085 3600
  8. If all fails, do what everyone else does - E-Bay!
  9. To console himself with this ?
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  10. No, don't do that, because that would make you a walt.
  11. I agree with Stanchion and Hootch.

    Incidentally, you refer both to "injury" and "medical condition that developed in theatre". It may make a difference which it is.

    As pointed out, the rules refer to "wounding or other disability due to operational service". This clearly is not limited to injury caused by enemy action. I know people who have been awarded operational medals having been casevaced short of the qualifying period with broken legs etc. In fact I would argue that an injury should qualify under that rule if it was sustained during any activity which was normal for a deployed soldier in that theatre.

    A pre-existing medical condition unrelated to your service could be a different matter under the rules, but you did deploy, and you were only a day short.

    The MOD Medal office will already have considered such issues and like others I strongly recommend that you write to them. Good luck!