Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ritch, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. I actually enjoyed what little campaign there was in the original. The weapon sounds were good on the surround sound particularly the G3 but hitting someone three or four times with a PKM or SVD before they went down was annoying. There was something pretty cathartic about making a Talib's head explode with a .50 sniper rifle as well.

    I only played online a few times but wasnt overly impressed. The maps were a bit cack and were awash with snipers that just sat and picked you off because the maps presented you with very few options to move from one side to the other without wandering through a choke point.

    I'll still end up buying it anyway. I'm hoping that the ability to play as SF's from various nations will allow you more choice of weapons rather than the usual M4's and AK's.
  2. I want someone to remake the Delta Force games that were out on the PC years ago. They were great games.
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  3. Saw no frags being thrown in during the Hostage Rescue? It must have THEM doing it instead of the septics!!
  4. Nah, it cant be our lot because the footage would have been of some blokes dressed in half of their issued kit in a Hereford pub.....
  5. Yeah, that level was my favourite in the game.

    I tried to get into the multiplayer and kept at it, but overall the weapons were ridiculously underpowered and the map design awful. I remember trying to cut down someone with the the M4 and it took an entire mag on target to drop him.
  6. *Pisses himself and hops on mobility scooter to get into character*

    "They should have had the SLR in the game. Drop a man with one shot that would"

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  7. ******* hell, The RAF Regiment gets about a bit!!
  8. I don't even think I was born when it was dropped from the UK forces =-D
  9. I thought you said Special Forces not Speshul Forces?
  10. II Sqn are very goping speshul the mong *****.
  11. Shite off

    88- 89 ish from piss poor memory
  12. Plenty about in 91, it was what made the Iraqi army surrender en mass!
  13. Thanks Tin

    I should have known really .

    That was the start of changeover; late 80's
  14. Oh. 88...