Medal of Honor recipient sues BAE

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. Sgt Dakota Meyer, USMC who earned the Medal of Honor in Afghanistan as suing his former employer BAE Systems for defamation of character. It appears that Meyer communicated to a supervisor his concern about BAE sales of a high tech device to the Pakistani military.

    Story here:
    Decorated Marine Sues Contractor -
  2. Just goes to show that the principles and morals of a soldier are not always best suited to the sometimes cut throat and underhand world of defence/arms sales.
  3. BAE cant sell weapons to anyone without appropriate government consent. In fact, I would imagine that first contact in any sales event is through the governments of countries and not privately to BAE. Isnt it 'Prince' Andrew in the case of the UK, god knows who the Sceptics use, Bush?

    BAE's 'dubious' practices are instigated and sanctioned by said Government, never mind the morales of the soldier, have some home truths about arms deals.

    Actually, im far to pissed to provide links but get over it. There are no principles. Try and search Arms sold to X by britain/us used against said person.

    If BAE can sell arms to Pakistan the US government allows it..ever heard of ITAR? US government controll sale of arms from western nations, naive medal winner thinks he is bigger than government, arms dealer plays ball with government requirements, no morals but working withing gvnment 'morales'.

    Not saying he is wrong at all, but dont bite the hand that feeds you when you are living in a morally corrupt world.
  4. Sounds to me like we need more people like you, and less of the calibre of Dakota Meyer.
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  5. I don't care much about the politics but I do admire a man with the courage to speak out when he thinks something is wrong, too many people hide behind lame excuses like "I knew it wouldn't change anything" or "everybody else did it". If the story is true as reported then I think the BAE guy was a despicable little turd. The Sgt however made his own decision knowing full well what repercussions were likely, morally he has the high ground but that does not always bring victory with it. I shall await the outcome with interest.
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  7. Not before the McClatchy newspapers ran a story about how the USMC may have embellished Meyers' story.