Medal of Honor recipient goes to Korea to seek wingman's remains

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Captain Tom Hudner USN(ret) received the Medal of Honor for bringing in his F4U Corsair wheels up in an attempt to rescue his wingman, Jesse Brown, who was trapped in the cockpit of his burning plane. The crash was in an area close to Chinese troops. Captain Hudner only was armed with a revolver, They were providing air support to troops, mostly USMC, near Chosin in Korea 60 years ago. Captain Hudner is now returning to Korea to try to find the wreckage and find Jesse Brown's remains.

    Bay State war hero travels to North Korea to seek closure on legendary rescue attempt - Nation - The Boston Globe

    I have the privilege of knowing Captain Hudner. Your could not meet a nicer, finer gentlemen, He is still sharp as a tack mentally but in the past year of so has gotten a bit frail physically. It sounds like a rugged trip and I hope he is successful and returns home safely.

    BZ Captain!

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  2. Good luck to him.
    I always liked the movie 'The Bridges at Toko Ri', even with Mickey Rooney mugging away, sounds a bit like it may have been based on your friends exploits.
    I also saw a History Channel doco on The Battle of Chosin, describing the retreat.
    A bit miffed to hear no mention of 41(Independent) Cdo RM when mention was made of Force Drysdale (Lt Col Drysdale RM commanding). I don't suppose the USMC like to be reminded that Royal rescued them. ^_~
    But still worth a watch
  3. Moving story on many counts BOC, thanks for linking it!
  4. By the way, for those curious, more details on Captain Hudner are here:

    Thomas J. Hudner, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also, the DoD has anounced that the 66th Arleigh Burke class destroyer will be the USS Thomas J. Hudner. It is being built now in Bath, Maine. Currently only 62 Arleigh Burke's are active.

  5. You'll be lease lending 50 of those to us in 2039!
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  6. I believe a movie called "Retreat Hell" is the only movie to be set at Chosin and it has Royal Marines in the movie who volunteer to bring in US Marine Wounded from the hills. Other than that there is a few mentions of them also in the movie.