Medal Myths, and other misconceptions.....

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bigjarofwasps, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I thought it might be interesting to start a medal myths and misconceptions thread.
    Feel free to post any that you`ve come across.
    I`ll start the ball following.....

    No matter how many NATO or UN tours you`ve done, not one day of them counts towards the ACSM.

    Another that I`ve notice recently is soldiers, wearing numerals on there Iraq Medals, sorry guys one tour one medal 5 tours one medal, just like the old GSM and the endless tours of Ireland.

    Any more anyone?
  2. i have a NATO medal with ISAF clasp, it is blue with a white stripe on either side. the question is can i wear it, as i also have the brit medal for afghanistan with clasp.
  3. No. Next question.
  4. Would be interested to know if theres a NATO or UN version of the ACSM.
    Also does service resulting in the OSM go towards the ACSM, or will there thus be a new gong?
  5. I am pretty sure the UN have such a thing which may be wearable, but when it comes to NATO, even their MSM is not an option.

    As to the OSM service, in a word, yes it does. If you're very keen I will get the DIN number if I really have to, but I'm not that bored ;)
  6. How about something like this?
    "I got discharged (3 years in)after a botched Armed robbery with guns from the Armskote and once they had my DNA they tagged the rape and kiddie fiddling charges on too.
    My questions is how do i go about getting my LSGC and can it get sent to Broadmoor in time for Rememberance?"
    Smasher Smiff 867543
  7. I served twenty six days in 1984 in the Ballybollocks ASU of the IRA before enlisting in the Royal Corps of Transport. I served a further five days in Lisburn with the Close support tp before deserting with the boot of my car filled with 9mm ammo and Sterlings. My question is, do I still qualify for the NI GSM or does this broken service disqualify?
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  8. Here`s another, medals are worn in the order there issued/awarded, not all the shiney ones first then the NATO,etc,etc.
  9. No
  10. Can I wear a "2" on my Cyprus UN medal as I have done two tours?
  11. can i wear a 3 on my Queens Jubillee medal as i'd done equivalent to 3 lots of 5 years service before the qualifying date?
  12. What a sad thread.
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  13. i was given an american good conduct medal by a visiting yank general-the first thing the rsm said was dont even think of putting that on your no2s...yet now there are guys with silver-bronze us medals have the rules changed and have i got time to get it court mounted next to my reenactors.walt. iron cross....
  14. You have to get permission from the chancery unless of course there is a DIN relating to the class of award you have received...or at least that was the case in the olden days.

  15. YES!!!!! :D