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Discussion in 'Medals' started by wg100, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Apologies for bringing up an age old subject, however I cannot figure out the new search system and all I can find is posts from a few years ago.

    Having unexpectedly received an invite in the post for the TA100 garden party, I'm now trying desperately to sort out all my bits and pieces, resulting in the need to court mount a medal.

    Would be grateful for advice on who to go to for speedy and quality service.

    Many Thanks!
  2. Hi FF was just about to say the same :D
    Recorded delivery and usually 24hr turnround.
  3. Well I sent my medal off to on Tuesday. The postman knocked on my door this morning with my medal, now court mounted.
    Talk about speedy service!
  4. I always send mine there and their service is fantastic.
  5. Even with postage thats cheaper than anyone round this way, and quicker too. I need my full size and minatures doing, so I'll be sending them there.
  6. how many medals do you need before you start over lapping them

  7. 7 or more and you start overlapping.
  8. Taken from Pam 10

    Method of Court Mounting Full Size Medals. A backing of buckram 69.85 mm
    deep by width required, depending on the number of Medals. Medal ribbons should be
    placed side by side up to and including a quantity of 6 Medals. Thereafter, ribbons should
    be overlapped, with the senior ribbons nearest the centre of the chest being left fully
    exposed. The overlap of ribbons will vary depending on the number of Medals worn and
    the size of the individual’s chest. At no time should more than two-thirds of any ribbon be
    covered by another; the overlap of each ribbon should be equal. The Medal is suspended
    from a ribbon so as to allow the centre of a round Medal to be cut in half by the backing, ie
    the nose of the impression of a sovereign’s head on a Medal should rest on the bottom
    edge of the backing. The overall length of a suspended Medal will be 88.9 mm. No Medal
    should be suspended from less than 31.74 mm of Medal riband; in the case of a larger
    Order, Decoration or Medal, the backing may be increased to 76.2 mm depth to allow a
    minimum of 31.74 mm of riband suspending the Medal. A standard issue Medal brooch
    should be sewn to the back of the buckram. The back overall should be covered by a
    black face cloth or doeskin, with the exception of the Guards Division, whose Medals are
    backed with scarlet. Medals are sewn down with a neutral coloured thread. When
    mounted, the bottom edges of the Medals, regardless of their size, should be level.

    hope this helps, gives us a bell if you need more info (I mount medals, that's why I'm a bit geeky!)

  9. Looks like you were just 'bluffing your ticket' Dread!
  10. If you could point out an innacuracy in my above post I would be most obliged to you. As far as my post goes it is entirely accurate, unless the medal recipient has 7 different gallantary medals or other medals to which the Soveriegn would object to their being obscured.

    Your quote from Pam 10 states "Medal ribbons should be placed side by side up to and including a quantity of 6 Medals".

    Doesn't 7 come after 6? Also, assuming that Skymacuk is not one of the very few soldiers in the UK with 2 or more gallantary medals (e.g. GM, MC or DSO, MC, QGM) then all his medals would still be overlapped, save his first nearest the centre of his chest which would be shown in its entirity while covering half that of the next medal awarded.

    All your answer does is confirm that I was correct: medals start to be overlapped on receipt of a seventh medal or more. Your answer then very helpfully shows the full conditions thereof, but the answer remains the same: overlapping only occurs on award or qualification of a 7th medal.

    Which is why I am a generalist management consultant charging more than 2k a day and when I need technical adivce I bring in a specialist subcontractor to do my work at 600-700 quid a day. :D
  11. im an ex guardsman and used to work in the tailorshop and mounted many medals
    i do medal mounting and am always looking for custom and my turn around is same day despatch
    so all medals are mounted as guards standards of court mounting and im stationed in north yorkshire
    at £5 per medal also discounts for large groups

  12. Dread, accept my groveling apology, mis-read your post buddy.
  13. :D

    And I was bluffing as I was basing my answer purely on a minute bit of experience, rather than any factual knowledge: when my elder brother was awarded the gong for Sierra Leone he sent of his (then 6) medals to be remounted and was thinking that he would look like a Kenny Everett character (the insane American general in the Sherman tank). Lo and behold, when they came back they were all overlapping. Poor bugger has 10 gongs now!
  14. Hi,

    The Worcester medal Service is one of the best