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Discussion in 'Medals' started by Santa_Sunday, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. I have the following medals awarded in this order:

    Afghanistan (Herrick)

    I know, I know - war dodger blah blah blah..... Did nothing for years. REMF etc. That aside, what order should they be mounted..??. I believe it should be NI, Herrick, Bosnia, Jubilee, LSGC.

    Is that right fellow ARRSERS...........??

  2. Bosnia, NI, Afgan, LSGC, Jubilee (I'm unsure about the last 2 though)

    Campaign tours are always issued in order of service, I know almost every man and his dog has NI (GSM) first but that was till recently the de facto place to tour as a youngster

    I had a lad in my team on my third NI tour who did Op Granby and UNPROFOR before NI, his medals were in that order but didn't 'alf look daft
  3. I thought that NI and Herrick took precedence over Bos as they are UK medals and Bos is NATO.............??
  4. That order is correct except the LS and GC is worn after QJM.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    This has been done to death countless times and the answer is found in the multiple threads on the subject.
    I really can't be arsed to look them up again but for some political reason UN then Nato campaign gongs take precedence over national ones.

    Personally I'd prefer our own ones first, & while I've seen them mounted that way Dress Regs state otherwise.

    Perhaps PG can do a sticky quoting the relevant paragraphs from Regs.
  6. OOOOOhhh bugger
    Ive got mine wrong
    they were mounted in order of earning
    oh crap more money down the swanney then
    it goes now
    osm sierra leone
    boz former yugo
    so is that the wrong order
    sorry if its been done before
  7. Isn't it operational in order awarded, not NATO/UN/UK, then freebies like QGJM/QSJM then LSGCetc, MID ofr UN/NATO tour on dark green ribbon next to medal?
  8. Santa

    This may be useful and if my understanding of it is correct. The order would be

    Bos, NI, Herrick, jubilee & LS & GC.

    Hope this helps :D :D
  9. CAARPS………. Cheers for that. It would appear that the census is that Bosnia comes first, followed by NI and HERRICK. If I wasn’t such a war-dodger, it would be a lot harder….

    BTW the link wouldn't play.......
  10. HEART_STOPPER is right Campain Medails in Order of Tours. No differance if they are UK,UN or NATO

    6. British Operational Service Medals, United Nations Medal and Medals of other recognised international organisations (eg NATO):

    In order of date of qualification

    Followed by

    7. Coronation and Jubilee Medals

    Followed by

    8. Long Service and Efficiency Awards:
    Meritorious Service Medal
    Accumulated Campaign Service Medal

    So if you did Bosnia first followed by NI then Herrick. then that is the order you wear them.

    Jubillee comes next, and LSGC last.
  11. Looks correct in Santa's case.

  12. Santa

    I open it in adobe reader 7, the actual link I used is

    A right riveting read if you are having difficulty in sleeping
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I stand corrected.
    Pissed off as the tailor had a copy of the relevant Pam 10 page without the line 'in order of date of qualification.'
    Doubt I'll lose much sleep over it now though.
  14. As shown heartstoppers are right. I know i did them, campaign ones in order of qual then QGJ then ACSM if held then LS&GC
  15. Does this mean that the Non-Article 5 NATO medal which is issued to ISAF troops in Afghanistan can actually be worn?
    The word on the street here is that it can't.