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Medal Mounting

depends where you are, one of the girls who used to work with me, her husband court mounts full size and mimiature gongs (as a hobby), very professional and dead cheap, they now live in Catterick.
drop me a line if thats any use to you and ill pass on her work tel. no.


There is a certain signal regt that get free court mounting due to the foresight of the last CO. my regt tailor will swing mont free, so next time round that is what I am having and if anyone says that it doesn't conform with Corps regs they will be invited to pay for it or to push off
My Dad mounts medals as a hobby.

£5 per medal (full size)

£2 per minature

He puts a 12 month garuntee on them too, so if you need any repairs doing on them (eg, too much mess rugby) then he'll repair them for free.

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