Medal Mounting - The best, the worst and the solutions

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by welshhammer, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. :frustrated:

    Ladies gents,

    I've had my medals done by several companies and want to pass on my thoughts on the good bad and hideous over the past few years.

    I've had them glued and wonder webbed by made 2 measure, double sided sticky taped by micheal jay and glued and riveted by a shop i quickly forgot in aldershot....but the outstanding factor is the cost. I've been charged from £5.50 to £9 hideous i know !!

    But all is not lost, i have just had my medals done by a lassie in colchester called margaret, very nice job, all sewn and NO glue !! and the best bit it only cost me £4.50 a medal. Turnaround was 4 days but thats coz i wasn't in a rush she could of done it quicker !

    Awesome Job !!
  2. Contact details old chap?
  3. Regtmental Tailor, Life Guards, Detmold, 1986, 5 Dms.
    Excellent job, Pro job in fact.
  4. Guys sorry for not replying or furthering this topic, been on a sandy trip and too busy to chat.

    Just given the lady at Colchester PRI my new medals for this tour and she hasn't changed her prices, still top dollar job. Cost me £4.50 a medal and the job is top drawer.

    Would even go so far as to say best i've ever had !!

    Check her work out, and she'll even do all details over the phone, personnal touch business at a good rate.
  5. I found a service wife (W/O RLC WO) in MQs in North Camp, Nr Aldershot on eBay.

    She charges £4.50 a gong & does a good job, you can save money & arrange personnel delivery & pick up if you live local.
  6. contact details for colly PRI £4.50 per medal all done to mat regs

    Margaret 01206 782867 also on the web i think its mil-k-it somthing
  7. I'm looking to get my Dad's WW2 medals framed. Does anyone have any company they know of (that they would trust with such a venture) ??
  8. contact margarett on 01206 782867
    Goojerat Barracks in colchester she is the best i've come across and does all medals properly at a decent price including new ribbons for wwi and wwii medals

    tell her pitpony sent you
  9. I'll have to get in touch about getting my family's medals sorted out and framed properly.
  10. Further to my last. i just took my mates medals there, he is a bit of a geek and had a coulpe of Foreign medals hes allowed to wear. She did a fantastic job and got them back within the week, even though he didnt expect them that quick. check out her website...

    £4.50 a medal too
  11. The Mess Dress in Bournemouth. £4-00 per gong + £5-00 P&P (registered Post).

    Sent gongs in with cheque to cover cost on Tues p.m. 16 Oct 07. Got 'em back on Sat a.m. 20th Oct. Outstanding job.
  12. If anyone in Kent wants medals mounted, my next door neighbour (Ex RE WO1) does a superb job, everything hand stitched and no glue. He has done several sets court mounted for friends and nobody has complained about quality or cost.

    PM me if there is an interest.
  13. yes, your right, are £4.00 per medal.

    I had mine done by him when i first got promoted and since then had my arse chewed because they were wrong . . never again !! are as per the current DCI's, hand sewn. when Messdress medals were taken apart they had used double sided sticky tape. made them look good but werent hand sewn. Also something about the back being black, his was red.

    nothing really to me and you but to the anally content in guards-land a big issue.
  14. Hang on aminute, i know the competition is a bit rough inthat game, but just veiwed his website, has he just robbed off other peoples ideas then put his prices up !!

    the cost of his framing etc is stupid. WAY AHEAD
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Sorry if I'm missing something here, but isn't it part of your uniform so why pay for it. Regt tailor and the Army pays surely, was like that when I had mine done.