Medal mounting pre RMAS

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by pooff, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Starting sandhurst in a week and suddenly thought that i might need to get my medals mounted. Being TA i have done my tours got the medals and then given them to my parents as i have never had the oppurtunity to wear them. Do they need to be mounted before i get to sandhurst or will they do it there in a particular way?
  2. Medal mounting should only ever be done one of two ways. Swing mounted (preferable for one medal only), or court mounted (for two or more). And each method there is a specifc way of mounting them.

    The standard of mounting varies between companies - but the finished article generally looks the same and you cannot tell until you actually take them apart at the way they've been put together. do an awesome job. They recommend special delivery each way, as well as around £5.50 per medal (correct me if I'm wrong). I also mount medals, for a small donation to Hols4H.

    Edit: They have a place that mounts them at RMAS (ask around when you get there) and I recently stripped a set from there to add another (last week). They do a great job too.
  3. No idea if they do mounting in the QMs there, but Kashkett's on camp probably do. To be safe I'd get them done before going mate - having a box of useless floppy ribbons in can only upset the nasty CSgt! Most regiments have them court mounted - some cav types IIRC have them swing mounted, but court probably safer.
  4. Get them Court mounted, and pronto! You'll also need ribbons to go on your No2 Dress and Blues, but you should be able to get that from the QM's.

    Good luck for when you get there!
  5. my wife commissioned from Corporal, they expected all those with previous service to have their medals mounted, including miniatures for Mess Kit. May have changed their way of thinking in the last 10 years though.
  6. Don't worry about miniatures just yet - you won't wear them until you put your Regimental mess kit on 11 months after starting. The RMAS dinner order is just the normal blues but with different shoes and belt.
  7. ARRSEr - MIttMayo mounts medals for fun in his spare time :D

    Okay, he has a Medal Mounting Business, I believe his prices and quality of service are excellent...
  8. The tailors at RMAS will do the ribbons onto your blues. You'll need your medals for week 5 drill test.
  9. I turned up at RMAS with my medals stilll boxed and having never been worn. My term 1 CSgt took me under his wing and got them mounted by the Ac tailors at the same time as we were all being fitted for our Cdt blues. I didnt need miniatures until after RMAS. This was in 1995.

  10. but you wear your ribbons!