medal mounting possibly not right any help?

Discussion in 'Medals' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. heres a random question i had my medals mounted and just picked them up last night but they seemed to be really squashed together so as they dont sit right is this norma as my OSM has a bar which pushes against the telic medal making it sit a little odd and not lying verticle is this just the way it is or is it fixable?
  2. Hi

    How many on your bar? if its more than 6 they should overlap, if your not happy with the work, send them back!!!
  3. Sounds like a pants job. How many do you have? If it's over a certain amount (5 I think?) then they sometimes overlap slightly.
  4. I believe that after six medals they are overlapped. Yes it does look Sh#t when there overlapped, I have 8 and they look terrible overlapped however I suppose if they were next to each other then I would look like Kenny Everet :p
  5. No, your medals are fine. If two clasps are side by side there's nothing the tailoress can do about it unless they are moveable clasps (such as NATO medals).
  6. Say no more about overlapped medals !!!!!

  7. Does anyone have any idea what all of those are for??

  8. well hrh did serve in ww2 so imagine he earned them all
  9. cheers viking raider i only have the two medals my OSM bar seems to push the clasp on the telic medal so it hangs off centre not sure if this is avoidable
  10. It is avoidable but at the expense of having a quite substantial gap between the two ribbands which looks even worse.
  11. so should i just put up with it seems a shame after just having it courtmounted at some expense but it does look unavoidable thansk for your help

  12. Purely out of interest I note he doesn't have the defence medal, any reason why?
  13. One of the reasons the defence medal was awarded was if you were in a postion in the uk that was bombed. my grandad was for a time on anti aircraft guns in east anglia so that is why he awarded it.

    hpe that helps