medal mounting (court mount)

court mounting get yourself to a mil tailor or send them away to be done they will do them in correct order and style ie left to right order of tours completed datewise and then jubilee ,LSGC etc..........
no i want to just learn how to do it myself i got a shed load of copied medals n just fancy learnin how to do it myself my ones i wear are already mounted so theres no problem with that im not that crazy mate
Try some of the Add's at the back of Soldier mag...I got mine online...still waiting to see the results so not posting the name yet.....They will mount 4 + second award bar and treat with silver (to stop tarnishing)....and send back in a velvet case for £50....

Seen some right horror mounts through the system....If its good i will post the name of the firm.
Cardboard is an option that some mounters used to get the 'job' done quick and easy. However, if you want to make a proper job of it, you will need to use Buckrum. As I mount medals myself, I use it for a more professional touch even though it will not be seen after the medals are mounted.

Having had to take apart quite a few sets of medals to remount and add new medals can I please, please implore you NOT to use glue. It leaves the ribbons unusable and can also 'bleed' through the ribbon and can be seen on the front of the mounting. I had to remount a NATO medal as the guy couldn't understand why the white on the ribbon had turned yellow. Turned out it was due to a big blog of clear glue that had aged badly.

It will take you longer but I always sew the medals on. Make sure you chose a decent backing aswell. Some of the remounts I've had to do were all 'top show'. A pretty good job from the front but a right mess on the rear, making it look a bit haphazard and unproffesional with bits of glue showing and thread hanging off. Some may argue it doesn't matter as no-one will see it but if it's my medals being mounted, I'd prefer someone to do a proper job of it.

As previously mentioned by Fallschirmjager, check out the british medal forum. There are some well clued up people on there who will be willing to point you in the right direction.

Good luck
Ask your local tailoress or whoever does the medal mounting nearby for some. I'm sure they'll sell you some. I've tried to find it online but can only find the flimsy stuff which isn't sturdy enough for mounting medals.
smudge67 said:
pay someone to do it :)

I think it's cardboard?

I think its called bucram, or something like that. If I where you I`d get the tayloress to do it, then you know its going to be okey...

wouldn`t want to end up the guard room now would you.
follow-the-sapper said:
where woul di ge tthis buckrum from and how much is it mate?
I order mine from the same company I get my medal ribbons off. You'll find adds for medal mounting in the likes of soldier magazine or just google medal mounting. You'll also be able to get your medal bars from them aswell

I order mine by the metre which will last you quite a while. That's if you are wanting to continue with this hobby of course. If not you could see if they could sell you a smaller sample.
Fallschirmjager said:
follow-the-sapper said:
will do thanks what size should a medal be onc eit is mounted?
Why don't you read the link i gave you then absorb the information? :roll:
Echoed - and surely the medal should be the same size as when it came out of the medal office? If you're going to ask questions at least have the decency to follow the good advice that is given.
had alook on the link its very well presented i just need to find out where i can find buckram from i have tried my local shop also emailed several medal shops and no one seems to have it is any body on here selling any?

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