Medal Mounting - and other enquiry

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Its getting close to that time of year again. I need to get one added on so.... considering the last job i had done was pretty quick:

    Does anybody know any Good but fairly cheap services as £10 per medal i have been quoted is like sticking me with a knife and taking my wallet.
  2. That's not a bad price.
  3. Really??? Bugger!
  4. Okay now for a question that I can't get a good answer on.

    I'd getting my old mans mounted at the same time. Now he has a Silver jubilee ribbon aswell as a gold as he's ancient. Now obviously there was only about 10 jubilee's handed out.

    So whats the norm. Do you just leave a gap between his 1st and third or is it fair play to cough up for a good imitation???

    Any old school types who can help???
  5. Not sure about your question-which medal does he not have?

    Usual rules apply-star from the inside (nearest the heart) and work out to your shoulder.
  6. He doesn't have a silver jubilee however served during the qualifying time period. I'm led to believe they were not issued out to all who earned them.
  7. The station talior at Lyneham does it for £6 a medal i've had her do mine and my grandads WW2 medals (court mounted) both great jobs.

    but that is of course if your close to lyneham?
  8. no mate the silver jubilee was only selectively awarded (unlike the golden jubilee)

    as far as i am aware it was at unit discretion, my unit the CO, the Badge, the Adjt and the youngest serving soldier all got one.

    but the majority who served through the period never recieved any, hence the broad sweeping criterea for th golden jubilee medal, (everybody over five years at said date)
  9. Errm.........without wishing to start one unholy row-I think your Dad maybe a bit confused. The ribbon was never awarded by itself: if Pop was selected to receive one (and, for those of us who remember that load of back-scratching poo.........well, it's worth a thread by itself!!) he would have been awarded the medal-not just the ribbon.

    Then again, if you just want to keep the peace at Bad Crow Towers, put your hand in your pocket and pick one up off one of the medal auction sites: the Silver Jubilee was awarded unamed so no-one will know the difference.
  10. Fair one. He has a ribon bar with 5 medal ribbons. That being one of them. Ive found three and so far replaced one. Its the Silver jubilee that i am pussy footing around as his memory of it was loads of them got the ribon but not the gong. What i need to know is even if it wasn't actually presented to him at the time as he was one of the many millions chosen not to recieve it (He joined in 73/74). Can he still wear it if i go out and cough up a few bob for a good'un.
  11. i dont know about anyone else but i wouldnt get in a tizzy if i saw a veteran wearing a silver jubillee medal, its not as if you are going out to buy an MC or something,

    i think you should do it, make your old boy happy and say no more.

    (no doubt ill get abused for that one)
  12. Thats what I was thinking. He hasn't had them on his chest since the eighties and now that i have a few up Just thought we could do rememberance sunday "Blinged up" rather than being the two that stand at the back in the bus stop watch the service then get on with it. This years service will mean a bit more to the both of us anyways so thought it fitting to do it properly!
  13. Hmm-this could turn nasty.

    Any pics of BC Senior, in uniform, wearing the ribbons or original medals? If so, your conscience is clear, crack on and replace his lost shiny half-crowns, present them to him followed by much male bonding.

    If that fails, a call to records may resolve the matter - though I do know of some Jubilee medals NOT being recorded.

    Now is when it may get nasty: if the above is a dead end, suggest gently to him that he may possibly be mistaken.........and await the incoming!!
  14. Roger don't worry. Momma dint raise no fool. Nah he was definately in the qualifying criteria. As two of my uncles and my grandad (He got out as my old man was getting in) were in the same mob. The two uncles have the ribbon too. Just was making sure its not classed as A) Walty or B) breaking an unwritten rule to get a blag one to fill the space on his ribon bar when i get the medals mounted.

    It appears There is no reason why you cant wear it other than if your daft enough to pay £40 notes for a good blag one.