Medal Lost in the Post

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Merlin745, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Lost Medal - Yorkshire Evening Post

  2. This is because no one gives a damn about our "boys".

    as for her medal, some walter mitty is probably masterbating over it.
  3. Another classic medal f*%k up!
  4. Well done, MoD. What a disgrace!
  5. and what about her old unit? Couldn't they have handled the medal application.

    This Sqn also lost a soldier in Iraq
  6. You fight for queen and country , And the MOD cant even be borthered to send the medal by special delivery
  7. Yup, my non-Telic medal* was "lost in the post" and I have been in a one-sided correspondence ever since trying to get a replacement for what I never got in the first place.

    Medal Office (old and new) have never acked any of my letters, even after I asked Veterans Agency to help.

    No I am not at all annoyed. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    a federation would have helped

    * interesting concept that, a "non-Telic medal". Only awarded to those who have never been deployed on that operation. Rare award because not so many qualify.
  8. Can't resist it:

    " "Some of what I faced out there was really scary, especially when we came under fire. I feel at the minute as though I've got nothing to show for it," she said.

    "Miss Moore, who left the TA shortly after her return in June 2003 to give birth to her son Alfie..." "

    (Not intending to show any disrespect to her military achievements - good on her).
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    They really are clowns - I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to post a medal by ordinary post. I think Miss Moore should try and find herself a lawyer (get a nice free sh1t stirrer) and demand her medal - not a replacement - an original.

    Yet again a soldier is let down by the CoC: another example of why we need a Federation!
  10. putteesinmyhands,

    Had the same thought myself
  11. Hope fully she left the TA quite a while after Telic to give birth, it makes it sound like she deployed while pregnant!!

    Disgraceful that the medal office lost her medal and now shes having to chase up a replacement!
  12. The medals for the guys in my Coy who did Telic 4 came through two weeks ago. Twenty of them in one jiffy bag. No special delivery or anything. How much would that lot have made on e-bay if they'd gone astray? Thousands!
  13. Never had my medals presented, handed over by PSAO who moaned about me signing for them late. BLX
  14. There seems to be a bit of confusion as to what the gripe is here. I understand the complaint that the soldier in question has about her medal going astray - and rightly so.

    However, all medals are sent through the post to respective units whether they are Regular or TA. You surely don't expect courier companies to deliver them to the gates of the barracks!!

    In respect of soldiers being presented them by their PSAOs, then this is unacceptable. The Bn or Coy should arrange Medals Parades. Ideally it should be the CO or Honorary Colonels, but at the least it should be the Coy Comd. But of note, the TA are very similar to the Regs. I have all my medals sent through the post as I was no longer serving in the Unit that I deployed with – that’s life, not ideal but we get on with it.

    My final point is that of there being such a backlog with the issuing of medals – we all know this and there is a very good reason for this. They are seriously understaffed and overstretched. I can now here you all crying that everyone is in the same situation, however, TA soldiers with a bit of time on their hands can help. The Medal Office are requesting volunteers. He’s an extract from an email I received:

    They could really do with some manpower to help in their office.
    The job is not sexy as it is packing and dispatching of medals. However, it would mean that thousands of soldiers would receive their medals more quickly.
    The boss therefore asked me to see if you might have any volunteers. They would be needed for 2-3 weeks and would be accommodated at RAF Innsworth (Glos). As it is an RAF camp there are excellent facilities including a huge gym. I imagine any unemployed soldier would fit the bill. Please let me know if you have any success or need more details.

    So, those that want their medals a little quicker and have some time on their hands – here you go. Especially as it’s Bounty time! Speak to your PSAO or PM me.
  15. No, the gripe is that the medals were sent by the most insecure postal method available. Considering the market value of the medals, Registered Post would be most sensible.

    Sending the medals in bulk to a TAC or other nearby mil establishment would also seem cleverer than sending them individually to private addresses. They could then be signed for to ensure that there are no fraudulent claims of "lost" medals. Benefits everyone.