Medal issued by Kuwait after Op Granby

Discussion in 'Iraq/Kuwait (Op GRANBY)' started by cherryhamblin, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue. As you are all aware after Op Granby the Saudi and Kuwaiti Governments issued each soldier with a commerative medal as thanks. I recieved the Saudi medal but not the Kuwaiti 1. I was wondering if there was any set criteria for recieving it did cross the border into Kuwait via Iraq but this done as individual sub units the majority of my unit remained in Saudi. I was also wondering if there is any way i could get 1 now.
  2. FleaBay has them by the dozen if you really want one. think everyone got one, even the civvies who stayed in Saudi to continue working during the war.
  3. Yeh everyone bar me I can take a hint thanks anyway
  4. The story was that the Kuwaitis asked the UK how many medals of each class were required. A number was given, but this fell short of the actual requirement. This, allegedly, was due to the numbers of Brits that had been detached/seconded to work with other nations. I was seconded to the Yanks and didn't get one either.

    When the cock-up became known, the UK Govt went back to the Kuwaitis and asked for some additional medals. The Kuwaitis refused to give any more.

    Then, in 1992 (?) Saddam once more started to get arsey towards Kuwait and we reinforced the region. This made the Kuwaitis relent and the shortfall of medals was sent across.

    I eventually got my bronze-dipped pressed cardboard bit of tat, in the equally tatty plastic box, in about 1994, just before I retired.

    Unlike the Saudi ninja throwing star, the Kuwaiti tat is decidedly "non-bling" and their whole attitude towards their liberators sucked. We should have left them to rot under Saddam...
  5. FFS we got given three (ok, ok, well mostly people got three) medals (alright, one medal, one lethal weapon and one erm, thing) for one operational tour. I'm sure the Kuwaitis had greater worries than a few peices of pressed cardboard dipped in paint stitched onto a piece of old deck chair material.
    They did have a country to piece back together again, though that should have taken a couple of afternoons to straighten things out to where they were before Saddam sent his holiday reps over.
  6. you can have mine if you are really that interested. Its not great, you cant wear it, so why bother
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Ebay is the way ahead, they are about a £5 tops.

    I got mine so I am at a loss how CH missed out on his, must have been not enough days in Kuwait.
  8. CH, it won't appear on your mil records - neither does the throwing star - so if you want one as a "keepsake", then eBay's the best bet!
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I remember the "presentation" of mine, 'kin years after the fact.

    In the gym after a POETS afternoon run, the badge or SSI read out a list of names and everyone called queued up to take one out of the open cardboard box......emotional, proud moment :roll:
  10. What was the criteria for wearing these ? If I remember correctly they were a complete no no on No 1s and 2s however you were allowed to wear them on mess dress, or at least some of the guys I knew wore them that is

    Correct or blinging it?
  11. If memory serves it was recognised as a memento, a trinket and not to be worn.
  12. I think the plastic case on mine is beginning to break down and disintergrate!
  13. mine are in a drawer gathering dust. I was going to flog them on Walt bay but that may only encourage the mongs of war to turn up to rememberence day wearing that tat.
  14. I seem to remember a story going around at the time that Kuwait offered $3-5,000 per soldier as a thankyou but the US and UK refused it? Sounds a bit far fetched but you never know.
  15. We had that story going round our unit too, there was outrage at the time 'till something else happened to take our minds off it. (I can't remember if it was the story of the SSM having an ND with the Iraqi anti aircraft gun, or the tale of Trog senior getting caught trying to smuggle an AK 47 back disguised in the bundle of SLR's.)