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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by randomgary, May 11, 2010.

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  1. does anyone have their medals insured seperatly from their kit insurance? if so are they insured for the value to get a replacement of to the value they would get on the market?

    cheers Gary
  2. No, I've never heard of it, but if you ever lose them (Mate of mine did on the trooping) it takes ages to get them re-issued. Your best bet if you lose them is a website called, I've only got the Bosnia NATO one, but my bar snapped, cost me £14 for a court mounted replacement, that was including postage!
  3. I was advised that because you can get lost medals replaced (all be it with a (R) after your details on the inscribed ones) your own medals have little or no insurance value. At the very best you would be able to claim for the cost of replacement replicas.

    I had mine sort of auction valued and although the value depends on who is willing to pay what at the time, I was informed that I would quite a few grand (because of the uniqueness of the group), however because of the above it was pointless trying to insure them for that sum.

    I would be interested to know if the above is good advice or I was wrongly informed :D
  4. im in a very difficult situation myself caarps. the replacement value is a fraction of the value ive been given by a few independant places and sources! its begining to stress me! im talking to a few medal collectors atm but there dosnt seem to be a definate answer
  5. I have been told Insurance companies will only usually pay out money to replace the goods. Your British medals can be replaced by the medal office and UN & Nato cost a few quid each.

    You may want to ask on here
  6. But the ACSM is made of solid silver (and hallmarked on the edge), so if you have that one among your set the value goes up considerably.

    I've heard different stories on this one too, so out of curiosity I'll watch this topic and wait for one of them brainy chaps to trot along and put it right.
  7. i am mate lol! pming someone who seems to know alot on that site!!

    just grips me as the replacement isnt the genuine item and im sure that will affect its future cost when i pass it on to my family
  8. ive been told i can get the replacement item for £250 therefore that will be the value of the item

    was told that by towergate wilsons today but it dosnt sound right to insure it for that when its valued at far more
  9. I keep my Medals in a very safe place, and never wear them, i bought replacements had them mounted so i can wear the replacements when i go to special occasions i.e. Remembrance Sunday, and not have to worry about losing them when i am pissed.
  10. yea im getting my replacements courtmounted atm but i think the price is beyond just having them in a safe place!!!

    gonna try some specialists tomorrow and hopefully agree a price to insure them! im guessing its gonna bankrupt me
  11. Mate I am not sure what your insuring. If your originals go missing what insurance company is likely to pay a perceived value.

    What may be of value to a collector may not be the same value (in the minds of an insurer) to you.
  12. just pm to give a few more details, what i will say is ive no intention of selling them however i wish to leave them for family members incase they ever feel the need to sell them!

    problem is if anything does ever happen to the origionals then the replacements are no where near the value of the origional set!!!
  13. What do you have for them to be worth so much?
  14. If you have time go through his past posts and see where he was 'outed' and what he has, IIRC only two however....

    BTW, Random, I like the way you are thinking.
  15. Random, having looked through your posts, have you thought about putting it in the regimental museum or even your local museum? It will surely come under their insurance then and will be safe until you want it back.