Medal Identification

Firstly, I am not calling Walt on this photo.....yet. After reading about the best/worst mess dress in NATO on the other thread, I wanted to know what the Gurkha Mess Dress looked like. My google search turned up these monstrosities.

Can anyone identify the medals on this blokes chest? Strangely, on the same page is I believe a photo of a recently deceased ACF Arrser.

All help appreciated. I consider myself a bit of a spotter, and some of these have got me stumped.
I,d agree with your assessment about the silver & golden jubilees, Ostjohn & MBE/OBE/CBE?.Not sure about the all powder blue type one in between Ostj and jubilees.The rest look foreign or suspiciously commemorative tat.
There is an MC in there too - surely it should be first in the row?
I thought it looked like an MC, but the optimist in me said that it must be something else as not even an uberwalt would mount one that far into a rack!

It does look a bit bronze as opposed to silver? Just not cleaned?
The plain blue looks like a UNHQ medal. He also has the TA Decoration with three bars. The last one with bar looks like TELIC ribbon! The black and white looks the service medal of the order of St John.

St John Service Medal - Heritage Medals
I don't think that last one is a telic. The colours in the centre look red white red, plus if it is he needs to brush up on correct order of wear.
Best stab:
Neck - Order of St John (not sure what grade)
Left to right:
OBE Civil
MBE Military
Order of St John
territorial Efficiency Decoration 2 bars
Unknown Cross??
Service Medal for the Order of St John
Voluntary Medical Services Medal 1 bar

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