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Can any of you help identify my mate's grandfather's medals please? We know he served in the war and in India in the Royal Artillery, and in the D-Day landings, on Gold beach we believe.
Cheers in advance
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Green and black stripe - India General service medal - cannot read the bar possible North West Frontier 1935 (RA Mountain Batteries I believe)
Orange and red - Dunkirk Veterans - unofficial medal
Defence medal
War Medal 39 45
39 - 45 Star



I.G.S. medal. Rack looks like its been mounted wrong. From the photo, pre war service in india, then BEF . Hence 39-45 star war,def medals and Dunkirk medal.


War Hero
India General Service Medal, don't know yet (will do some digging), War Medal, Defence Medal and 1939/45 Star. The Star, Defence and War medal are mounted in the wrong order.
Here is a set of medals that I recently saw, and I don't recognise them (I left the army in 1993) Can anyone help?
From left to right: 2012 Jubilee Medal, Omani Peace Medal and Canadian Centennial medal-an eclectic mix. Where did you spot these?

Meh-and next time, can you make the image just a bit smaller? :cool:

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