Medal identification - help needed.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by k13eod, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. My neighbour collects medals and has just purchased this set of miniatures



    He is struggling to get information on the medal second from end of the group (the enamelled cross). He knows it is a Belgium group and that the medal is probably Belgian. Anyone know what it is? Thanks.
  2. Any collectors out there can help?
  3. It is the National Federation of Combatants Cross.
  4. Thanks guys. The one in the link looks different, is my mates just an older version?
  5. Yep I noticed that.

    I'm not a medal nerd, just bored and google knows everything!

    Actually I think it's a mixed group a couple of those look like British WW1 medals.

    Possibly interesting story behind them or a fake set cobble together?
  6. :D same here ... don't know a lot about medals but bragged to my mate that the power of arrse would prevail!!!

    Don't know the story behind them but assumed he bought them at a fair.
  7. You wont believe where a little further googling ended up!................'s_Dodgy_Uniforms_and_Medals
  8. Funnily enough the first Belgian one was worn fraudulently by Shortt "Veterans of King Albert medal 1909-34" which he has down as "The cross of King Albert"
  9. The first three are

    1. 1914 Star with clasp. Many recipients were from the pre war regular army and the clasp was awarded to those under fire in the first couple of months.

    2. British War Medal - I think this went to anyone in uniform who served outside the UK but not neccessarily in an operational theatre, the only one of three that could be awarded on its own.

    3. Victory Medal - Awarded to anyone who entered an operational theatre.

    Google the names and you will most certainly get more accurate info than that.
  10. He knows what five of them are ... just stuck on the enamelled cross.

  11. You've already got your answer from cuddles and old fart mate... :wink:
  12. I know and it was appreciated and passed on to my neighbour, just curious to the difference was all ... on reflection I assume because they are miniatures?

    Now even more curious as to how this guy Shortt can be strutting around wearing medals that appear on a WW1 group ... is he Dorian Grey? :D
  13. Main difference being the fact that the casting and enamelling is slightly harder to acheive due to the reduced size, therfore no silver arrows on the minature and also the letter enamelling is not so detailed other than that the only difference I can think of is that they solved that problem and the arrows aren't meant to be there as the awardee was not a belgian combatant/national and this is a lower class of the award...i'll have another look and see what I can trawl up....