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Discussion in 'Medals' started by Northern_Biff, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. Good people of Arrse.
    Would any arrse members in the know be able to identify these gongs and tell me if they are genuine or those 'plastic' walt medals we see so much of.
    There is nothing special with these medals and no heart touching story attached to them. A freind of Mrs Biff asked her if I could identify them and on first look they dont seem to be from any single campaign (except the Burhma Star). There is a No Rank and Name stamped on one or two of the medals.

    My question is this: Were the medals issued/awarded.

    Cheers Arrsers.


  2. Top set are the standard WW 1 awards. Bottom set WW 2. All issued. All legit.
  3. Incidently, if that was a "wah" I was feeling incredibly generous this morning.....
  4. Thanks Rickshaw, I wouldn't wah over something like this.
    Was the Burma Star awarded without stamping personal details on it and are all the ribbons genuine?

  5. From memory, details were not engraved on any standard WW1 and 2 gongs (Imagine the backlog! Cynical smile,....). Not too sure about the Burma ribbon: have a Google is the jack suggestion from here.
  6. They look genuine from here and in very good condition.

  7. The first row are the 1914/15 Star, The War Medal 1914 - 20, the Victory Medal 1914/18, The defence Medal 1939 - 45. The first 3 should be engraved with the recipeient's details. The defence medal was issued unnamed but could be engraved at the recipient's expense. There were some 1914-20 war medals issued unnamed to soldiers in India, I have 1 in my collection.

    The second group are 1939/45 star (6 months operational service between 1939/45), The Burma Star for service in the Burma theatre, the defence medal (6 months service within range of enemy a/c 1 years non-operational service o/seas, 3 years non-operational sce in UK), the 1939/45 Medal (1 days service in uniform between 3/9/39 and 4/9/45)

    All WW2 stars and medals were issued unnamed because of cost. Those issued in S Africa were named. Those issued to Australians were unnamed but the Australian 1939/45 medal issued with them was named. In Canada the Defence and War medals were issued in silver. India and NZ were issued unnamed.
  8. First set

    1914/15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, Defence medal (not ww1)

    Second set

    1939/45 Star, Burma Star, Defence Medal, War Medal

    I'm no expert !!!!

    By the time i'd posted Intli had beat me to it !!!!
  9. The top bunch may have belonged to someone who did their duty in WW1 then joined the Home Guard or ARP in the Second World War as they would have been too old for active duty.
  10. Unlikely because of the Burma Star. Possible Father/Son medals?
  11. Looking at it under a powerfull magnifying glass it seems to me the first medal may be the 1914 Star, with the scroll continued into two smaller scrolls, which were omitted on the 1914 - 1915 Star.
    The 1914 Star was authorised in April 1917, to be awarded to all those who served in France or Belgium between 5th. August and midnight on 22/23 November 1914.

    I am probably wrong, but I was under the impression campaign stars are not inscibed with the recipients name.
  12. Sorry. Just seen the post about stars not being named applied to WW2.
  13. Just meant the top ones, not sure about the second bunch?
  14. first group is a 1914 star, british war medal, victory medal and defence medal, on the 1914 and 1914-15 stars the name rank number and regiment/service that the recipient was when he first entered a theater of war should be stamped on the reverse of the medal on the british war and victory medal name rank number and regiment/service at the end of the war will be stamped around the rim of the medals the defence medal was awarded on its own for some form of voluntry work during the war ie home guard, arp, observer corps, auxilery fire service etc

    they only named ww2 medals are those issued by the south africans and australians and they were stamped with initials name and service number only, in the uk after the war some firms did a naming service for ww2 awards mostly Boots so it is possible to find named uk ww2 awards but as they were done privately anything could be on them
  15. Northern_Biff. Let us know if you want a write up of what was needed to qualify for each medal/star