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Bought this in Kabul this year for a few bucks.

photo (3).jpg
photo (4).jpg

the third from the left has a regi number and the name mohd sharif r.p.a on it.

any ideas as to what they are?

by the looks of it the 1938-45 star is on the wrong ribbon (war medal ribbon)

and the War Medal is on an unknown ribbon.

Any ideas as to why this is or is it just a few medals put together by a trader in the market looking to make a few bob?
I take it that you got these from the Jingly Market?

Not bad little group, as it happens: looking at your first pic, from right to left the medals are as follows:

1939-45 Star

Pakistan Independence Medal 1947 (instituted by King George, hence the Royal cipher: that's the Pakistan flag on the obverse)

War Medal 1939-45

India Service Medal - awarded for 3 years non-operational service within the borders of India.

So, IF they are from the same chap, he served throughout most of WWII but never left India operationally and was still serving up to at least 1947.
Yeh got them from HQ ISAF market.

20 bucks for the lot down from 50.

We used to take the Terps in with us and get them to haggle for us. Got a few rugs for dirt cheap as well thanks to him.

I was just confused as to the ribbons on the medals they dont seam to add up.

Any ideas as to if they are worth anything? If not they will go in my fancy dress box.
Nope, the ribbons are all over the shop: the War Medal ribbon looks original but is on the 39-45 Star. F'rinstance, the ribbon on the Pakistan Independence Medal is the ribbon of the Tamgha-i-Dif'a (Pakistan General Service Medal).

$20 US? Not bad. Even 'as is', they should fetch you £40-50, if you punt them right. It would seem that, even after many years, the old boy was still proud of his service with the Raj, hence the original ribbons having been lost/worn, he still stuck them up with something to hang them from.

RPA? That is probably the Royal Pakistan Artillery.
Though they could be fakes. There's a massive market for fake antique coins in Pakistan and Afghanistan so wouldn't be hard to do the same for medals. You'd have the post the picture on the British Medals Forum for clarification.


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The medals are indeed on the wrong ribbons.
Medal wise:
India Service Medal 1939-45 with King George on the Obverse and the map of the sub-continent on the reverse
British War Medal 1939-45 with King George on the Obverse and a lion with dates on the reverse
Pakistan Independence Medal (instituted 1948 )
British WW2 Campaign Star

Ribbon wise, left to right:
Resembles a faded (and reversed) UNFROFOR ribbon,
Pakistani General Service Medal (Tamgha-e-Diffa) 1947 although very simlar to a British Volunteer Reserves Service Medal,
British War Medal 1939-45
Right or Wrong, punt them out on a specialist Medal auction, they'll more'un likely fetch a few bob
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