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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by ordinaryforces, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. Here's a medal I was given a couple of years ago, it's a bit walty and I can think of no where that I would wear it, Is the queen wearing a top hat or a crown?
    can you see what it is yet?
  2. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Nope, I can't see what it is yet.

    That's because there is nothing to see (yet).
  3. Patience young jones!
  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Is it a Cadet thing?
  5. So what is it?
  6. I'll not say just yet ...I'm interested to see how long it will take the medal anoraks to id it.
  7. Prison Service of Northern Ireland Service Medal
  8. Would the FID on there relate to the Falkland Island Defence force?
  9. Spot on mate.
    I bet you have one? how else would you have known?
  10. I saw the screws wearing them as I was shagging my cell mate
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  11. Colours gave it away...i way working through catologues of NI medals, but you beat me to it! Fair play. I have however seen one of the rarest medals awarded in the last 20yrs, not a VC...any ideas
  12. Queens Award To Honest Politician?
  13. The Scout Association Gallantry Medal?