Medal ID Please

Guys, other than the GSM NI what medals is this chap wearing. Appears to be some sort of tri-service medal.


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Its a family bar on his right side with a George 5th GSM, and visible are a 39-45 and Africa star. On the left is a GSM and what looks to be Jubilee and possibly a RBL special!
On which side?
One side (right) appear to be some passed relatives which include a GSM (pre 62) and the 39-45 star plus one other indiscernible star. Africa?
The picture is only small and the definition and light are not the best so it's difficult to discern the ones on the left other than the GSM.
I'm not sure if the ones on the right are being worn in the incorrect order of precedence too? I've never seen a rack where the GSM is worn in front of the WW2 stars.
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I think it is the PRA (Parachute Regimental Assosciation) medal. Should sit seperate from military medals.
And the other one is some sort of commemerative thing
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As @ivan_the_tolerable has said: probably a close relly's medals (Dad?). First medal is 1918-62 GSM, probably with clasp 'Palestine', then a 39-45 Star, Africa Star with the remainder obscured. The next medal is probably a Defence Medal which means that there's a War Medal hidden.


Nice to see the copper out front with a decent rack of medals too.

But his ridiculously oversized uniform lets him down a touch.

Cyprus, GSM 62 with Clasp (probably NI), NATO Article 5 and the battle of Golden then Diamond Jubilee medals?