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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by creepy, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. Gents, an Ex Sapper here posting on the Sigs pages for some help tracing the relatives of one of your own. I have had for some years a set of three gongs, NI, UN and LSGC named Cpl G K Galyer Royal Signals. I found them way doen in the guts of a car I had ten years ago, and have been unable to trace his family - I understand from old editionsof the Wire that he is no longer with us, something to do with the Y list...
    I have been offered money for them, but I would much much rather they go to his Family as that's where they rightfully belong.
    Please can somebody assist with sending them on, I've had no luck so far.
    many thanks.
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  2. Ventress

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  3. Phone the royal signals association in Blandford. I'll PM you the number.
  4. Martok - you don't need to hide the name of the OP when it's already on the web in a newspaper article.

    For anyone who might be able to help the original article is here (link).
  5. the_boy_syrup

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    I though all the stars were a test to weed out non siggys.
  6. You could be right - I may have let the side down ;-)
  7. Yes you are quite right, I realised this as soon as I had pressed the send key.
  8. Hats off to the original poster for his intentions and tenacity.

    It seems that it was in 2003 that MOD Casualties (Non-War Graves) were seeking to contact the NOK in order to place a headstone on the grave,

    My understanding is that in the event of a death in service, the lease on the grave, a headstone and maintenance in perpetuity is provided by MOD, unless NOK opt out of a military sponsored funeral-it happens, I knew two guys who died in the same incident and one is a military grave and the other a private one.

    Normally, when it is a privately funded funeral, the MOD responsibility ends then and there- so it's slightly out of the norm that MOD would bring up the question of a headstone a decade after the burial. I would think that someone must have raised the matter with them,

    I should have though that if MOD were trying to contact Mrs Galyer she would be in receipt of either a death in service widow's pension or preserved pension rights, and her NI number would be easy to get from the relevant dept and thus easy to trace if she were still around in 2003. Seemingly not.

    It would be a nice outcome if Mrs Galyor or a relative could end up with the medals and Cpl Galyer be provided with a MOD provided headstone (assuming that one has not since been provided.
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  11. I have been informed by the OP that he has been contacted by relatives of Cpl Galyer and the medals have now been returned to his family.
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  12. Happy ending.....
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  13. Result
  14. Hi all my name is amanda galyer and i would like you all to know i have been reunited with my fathers medals, i would lije to send a massive thankyou to the gentleman that found and searched for my family for a long time to return these to me, we had a brief a chat on how they got into his car we belive it was my ******** exhusband, i am now wanting to find out about my dads service with the royal signals as my mother remarried and never spoke about him i know i was born in singapore and we lived in germany for a long time and then was posted to Catterick were my dad past away i was only 7 at the time so i dont rember alot but i think about him everyday if any body could help me find out how to get his service records it would be much appreciated from his ever loveing daughter
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