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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by legal_eagle, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Who can find a more impressive rack than this? - quality not quantity! These belonged to Albert Jacka VC, MC and bar, 14th Battalion AIF, also includes 1914-15 Star, 14-18 War Medal, Victory Medal. (Pip, Squeak and Wilfred)


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  2. Not entirely a gay thread, but the gaudy picture and refs of gayness probably paint the wrong picure. To be honest it's a soldier's acknowledgement of a very brave man, let's have more, Of Albert Jacka:

    His citation for the award reads:

    The grave of Albert Jacka, VC, in St Kilda cemetery, Melbourne.On 19/20 May 1915, at "Courtney's Post", Gallipoli, Turkey, Lance Corporal Jacka, while holding a portion of our trench with four other men, was heavily attacked. When all except himself were killed or wounded, and the trench was rushed and occupied by seven Turks, Lance-Corporal Jacka most gallantly attacked them single handed, killing the whole party, five by rifle and two with the bayonet.

    Interesting that his second award of the MC was considered by many to be worthy of a second VC.

    We could do this more frequently, almost as an act of Remembrance. Last night I re-read "Passchendaele" by Philip Warner. He quoted an officer of the R. Warks Regt, who mentioned that a soldier of his, Sgt Wheeldon, DCM and Bar, MM and Bar, who was killed in 1917. I immediately looked at the CWGC site to find out exactly when he died but, for God's sake, the man was four times decorated for gallantry, should we not consider these men in Remembrance alongside VC recipients. We all read this thread, Remembrance is a self-motivated sentiment that, so to speak , starts at home. Gentlemen,
    Sgt H.H. Wheeldon DCM*, MM*, R. Warks Regt. Tyne Cot Cemetery.
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  3. Nuts of steel this fellah Jacka. They were made of sterner stuff our forebears.
  4. Ventress

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  5. Deerhunter...fair comment and edited appropriately. As for the picture, I wasn't seeking it out, I just happened upon it so if a less gaudy one exists, I don't know of it...
  6. Fair one LE, a good example to highlight. Any group with any type of gallantry award in front of it tends to illuminate itself. Rgds DH.
  7. I had a feeling someone mention and Noel Chavasse and Charles Upham's medals (but no pictures!), so by way of Devil's advocate I will fight Jacka's corner.

    The Great War was a far bloodier affair for the troops involved and Jacka fought from start to finish and survived. He won his VC as a 22 year old Lance Jack. Furthermore, as Deerhunter correctly points out the bar to his MC was awarded for an action many considered to be even more worthy of a VC than his actual VC award.

    PS. Ventress, who's are the first rack in the second link? The Great War VC, MC..

    Scrap that, edited for being a actually says Chavasse in the URL...I knew he was a double VC but I didn't know he also had an MC..guess he just about trumps Jacka then.. :(
  8. Capt George Stuart Henderson. VC,DSO & Bar, MC, MID X3
    1st Battalion Manchester Regt.

    VC. 29/10/20.
    DSO. 31/5/16 Bar 25/8/17.
    MC. 31/7/15.
    MID 1/1/16,15/8/17,9/920.

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    Ventress LE Moderator

    Capt WB Allen VC DSO MC and bar RAMC is also an impressive collection of gallantry medals.
  10. Not being a medal geek can somebody tell me how L/Cpl Jacka was awarded the MC shouldn't it have been an MM not being commissioned and all that, saw his story very briefly on "Victorial Cross Heroes" on UKTv History the other day

    Seemed like your stereotypical bloody minded Aussie but no less brave for it.
  11. Not a medal group photo - but man for man a mighty fine collection in the Guard of Honour for the interment of the Unknown Warrior.

    Surprised to see that the Navy & RAF were allowed non-VCs. Still mighty brave bunch though unknown Warrior

    Our Unknown Warrior on parade (I suppose) also holds the Medal of Honor (US). Theirs has the VC.
  12. Were they? I would suggest that despite the constant scorn that can be given out in respect of the youth of today those who serve still manage to serve with the ability to be as heroic as there forebears. I agree there are some amazing feats carried out by our forebears but there are also amazing acts of heroism carried out by troops now.

    Please don't take this as me belittling the efforts of our previous generations, indeed I've spent many an afternoon on the lash in the Royal Hospital with my Grandad and his muckers exchanging pleasantries (and abuse where necessary!!!!)
  13. Our Unknown soldier has the VC too aswell as the US Medal of Honor.
  14. This guy must have had problems walking.