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Discussion in 'Medals' started by the_gimp, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. After some advice and hopefully some recommendations please. I'm coming to end of my time in the mob and I want to get my medals framed/boxed. Idea being that when I pop off there is something to leave for the kids. I want to be able to remove the medals easily and also want to put in rank badge, stable belt and cap badge (so a bit like my career in a box/frame). So my questions are...Do I want my medals in a frame or in a presentation box? And do you guys have any recommendations of who to use? I'm going to be settling in north Hertfordshire if that's of any use. Would appreciate the combined thoughts of the medal forum.
    Many thanks
  2. I can very highly recommend mess dress of Bornemouth, absolutely superb service and quality workmanship, registered delivery and a very quick turnaround :)
  3. Couple of mates have just done a similar thing; gongs, belt, badges etc. Great idea if the Mess is paying for your retirement gift as it ain't cheap....! Clearly you're talking of a "box" behind the frame and I have a couple of boxed items - what they have is a small bathroom door type slide latch and a hinge. This way you can access items such as you gongs for cleaning/wearing without destroying the rear of the mounting.
  4. Mess dress in Bournemouth are excellent, they've just mounted by G.Grandads WW1 medals, cap badge etc.

    Rough idea of price is set rate for the frame £70, plaque £10 and £4 per medal if they need mounting.

    Only thing I will say is they may change the design you want a little for what they think looks better, but they do get you to do a final approve.
  5. Another vote for Mess Dress in Bournemouth, their attention to detail is excellent.
  6. I would have said that a few months ago, however, I have been mounting medals from guys who have had theirs back from the mess dress...shocking!

    If you are after a custom built frame I recommend a guy call Bri Buckingham. He runs a picture framing shop within Wattisham Airfield (lodge framing)and his advice throughout the entire stage is second to none. He does not charge over the odd, either. He listens to your needs and then advises about materials etc.

    Outstanding craftsmanship!

    I had a large frame built that had a mini Guidon in the top section, it also had a compartment for both miniature and large medals.
  7. blob, do you have a phot of said frame? was thinking of doing something similar for my gran, my grandfather had loads of his old photos, badges etc, and received 2 bars to his gsm after he got out. would love to get them remounted and framed up for her. She also earnt the malaya GSM as a nurse, so would love to get them mounted together.

    what sort of prices does he ask or does it depend on what your requirements are?
  8. Oi Dak Stab - "My Grandad ... Yeah yeah, you're asking for yourself mate ! ;-)

    I'm going to do it too, grandfather, father and me !
  9. oi less of it bell end, how was leave? thought you were popping down my gaff for a brew?

    and anyway why would i want to mount a poxy vrsm and jubilee gong in a box, ;-) top draw is wherethey will stay ;-)
  10. I was but between family and doing to much I failed dismally !!!

    Still, next time !

    As for VRSM and jubblies ! What can I say. You should try living dangerously.

    Well, sort of dangerously - have you seen some of the drivers around here !!!??
  11. i think i have had enough of dangerous to last me a lifetime, as you well know ;-)

    but as for drivers mate, yeah they're not the best are they, saying that they are better thn the ones you meet on the jalabad road in kabul ;-)

    let us know when you are home next mate and come down. i'm heading home on leave myself soon for afew weeks mate so happy days.
  12. I place my full size on the top hooks, miniatures on the bottom.

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  13. That is impressive Blobmeister !

    I am thinking that I shall stick to one size throughout but having a "colour" in the frame looks good to me !

    Dak Stab - stop whingeing ! ;-)
  14. That’s the kind of thing I’m after, looks really impressive. If you don’t mind me asking...cost? It’s almost irrelevant as ultimately the mess is going to be paying but it would be nice to know? And also do you have contact details for Bri at Wattisham? I’ve looked on tinternet but had no luck.

    Thanks to all the other posters, all very good advice.